Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Filho Is A Dope

Paulo Filho was not happy with Chris Leben for getting all the negative headlines, so he decided to show up for weigh-ins seven pounds over the 185 lbs weight limit. Officials gave him two hours to lose the weight before a final weigh-in, but he only managed to lose three pounds, which left him at 189 lbs. It was an unfortunate setback for the WEC, Filho, and of course his opponent Chael Sonnen. The fight was originally scheduled to be five rounds for Filho's WEC Middleweight Title. Since he did not make weight, it will now be a three round non-title fight.

Filho is no stranger to controversy. In March he pulled out of a scheduled fight with Sonnen because of chemical dependence and depression. He went to rehab and claimed he was doing well. Now it appears there is still some thing wrong with Filho. One side effect of anti-depression drugs that a lot of people experience is weight gain. It is possible Filho did every thing in his power to reach the limit, but the medication was too large of an obstacle. Of course another option is Filho is again hooked on some thing and did not train to the best of his ability. At this point it is not possible to know the truth. All we really do know is any one who bet on Filho better hurry up and cancel their original wager.

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lionit said...

I've been sketchy about him for awhile now. Whenever athletes talk up someone the person never ends up being as great they all make him out to be. Silva is the top dog at middleweight and Filho is a pretender.