Monday, November 3, 2008

EliteXC Still A Joke

Even in death, EliteXC is a complete joke. Sam Caplan explains the situation well. ProElite contacted some of their contracted fighters and told them the company still planned on promoting MMA events in 2009. The problem? They fired 90% of their staff, including all their promoters and matchmakers. The move is an obvious stunt by ProElite to make money selling off their contracted fighters to any one with a checkbook. As I've posted before, CBS pretty much owns the contracts at this point because ProElite never paid back a loan. A "clever" attorney for ProElite probably came up with this latest rouse as a way to save some face. If they pretend to be a promotion company for a couple months, maybe some one will buy a few contracts from them. EliteXC should have no problem pretending to be an MMA promotion, because that's really all they ever did.


lionit said...

This can't possibly work. CBS should sue them and drain their funds with legal costs.

chappyd said...

must suck to be a lowcard fighter sitting around and not making money.