Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BJ Looks Focused

There are two interesting things about this video:

1. At the 5:45 mark, Dana White is talking about how both fighters have changed for the better since their last meeting. Take a good look at Penn's face when Dana makes the crack about him taking his career seriously and all the people laugh. It's stuff like this that I keep in my mind when I'm sizing up fights. I should have paid more attention to the pre-fight Couture/Lesnar build-up because I would have seen that Couture was busy with a million different things and Lesnar was completely focused on the task at hand. Penn looks like he's ready to rip GSP's head off. Hopefully he can maintain this level of intensity and does not peak too early in his training.

2. At the 6:17 mark, Dana claims GSP will fight Anderson Silva, if he wins. The UFC is no longer messing around. They are embracing their "weight jumping strategy" to its fullest. In this case they have some solid logic behind the decision. GSP has cleared out the Welterweight division. If they can take him away for a bit, maybe some new challengers will emerge.


Anonymous said...

I like how the Silva fight news is the second on the list. Things like that is what I like about this place.

Anonymous said...

i would be more interested in seeing the gsp vs silva fight rather than gsp vs penn 2

chappyd said...

georges should move up to middleweight anyhow. hes big enough and would have a challenge. welterwieghts are too small for him.