Saturday, November 22, 2008

Affliction Still A Mess

Affliction's "partnership" with Golden Boy has been a disaster. They began with the misguided premise that MMA fans were craving boxing matches at their events. Thankfully the idiotic plan was dropped before it went into action. There was also the thought that maybe Golden Boy could use their relationship with HBO to get Affliction onto the channel. That has not panned out, either. Now comes the news that Golden Boy was planning on having Antonio Margarito face Shane Mosley on January 24, which happens to be the date of Affliction's second PPV "Day of Reckoning". The only thing that stopped it was Margarito's failure to sign the agreement in time.

How does something like this happen? It makes me wonder how much of a partnership really exists between the two. You would think that if they were actually working together, Golden Boy would have known January 24 was a bad date to hold a rival event, especially since they were so convinced about MMA fans also being boxing fanatics. My guess is Golden Boy and Affliction have about as much contact as me and Angelina Jolie do.

With their growing list of fighters and events, Golden Boy is stretched thin. Holding Affliction's hand while they get their act together is not a top priority. If I was Golden Boy, I'd do the same thing. Affliction is a mess. They can't even put out a statement without contradicting themselves multiple times. It's like they ran out of money and never thought to hire a PR guy. Instead we're stuck with Tom Atencio, who is about as reliable as a girlfriend with a coke habit.


Anonymous said...

reliable as a gf with a coke habit....,,,,nice one

mars said...

Affliction spent money they didn't have at the start. It killed them to do it. People were all about the first show but it hurt them for the future. Since than they have been trying to figure out how to put on a top show without spending all that cash.