Wednesday, October 1, 2008

UFC Announces Dublin Bouts

The UFC has confirmed two bouts for UFC 93 in Dublin, Ireland. The main event will feature Dan Henderson taking on Rich Franklin in a Light Heavyweight battle at 205 lbs. The other fight announced is a rematch between Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman. Coleman and Rua previously fought in 2006 at Pride 31. The fight ended when Rua suffered a gruesome elbow injury. He has wanted a rematch ever since. On January 17, he will get his chance. Rua will move up to Heavyweight for the fight.

The Henderson/Franklin match-up is one I hope all the fans appreciate. Both these guys are legends and a win by either will vault them into title contention. While it is an odd choice to have them fight at 205 lbs, it still will be a tremendous bout. The reason it is odd is because the Light Heavyweight Division is already clogged up with 7-10 potential title contenders, while the Middleweight Division has 2-3. I guess the UFC has decided to go with a youth movement at 185 lbs and clear out two of their older warriors.


chappyd said...

colemans head looks like a potato

mextex said...

Am I the only former 5 oz reader who came here when the site changed? I can't read it anymore.

drizz said...

Same. Been reading less of it since the change.I don't know what the frig they were thinking with all that stuff they did to it. Trying to hard to be like ESPN.