Saturday, October 25, 2008

UFC 90 Live Results

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UFC 90 Preview and Predictions

Preliminary Fight Results
Pete Sell vs Josh Burkman
-Sell Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Marcus Aurelio vs Hermes Franca
-Franca Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Matt Horwich vs Dan Miller
-Dan Miller Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Spencer Fisher vs Shannon Gugerty
-Fisher Wins by 3rd Round Submission (Triangle)
Thales Leites vs Drew McFedries
-Leites Wins by 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked)

-All right, the preliminary portion of the show is finally over. It was very forgettable. Fans were booing most of the time.

-Goldberg and Rogan doing the usual pre-show circle jerk.

-Honestly, how big of a loser do you have to be to text in a vote for a poll on TV?

-They have already mentioned once that Junior Dos Santos trains with Nogueira. I'm setting the over/under at 6 mentions.

Tyson Griffin vs Sean Sherk
-I used to think it was cool when Griffin came out to "Eye of the Tiger". Now I'm not so sure. It would be a lot cooler if Randy Couture used it. He should just steal it. It's not like any one would care.
-Buffer used some strange creole accent and said "Tyson Griffffffonnnn!"

Round 1
Early exchange with both throwing. Griffin might have connected with 1-2. Sherk ties him up and takes him down. Quickly gets his back, as both are standing. Griffin walks across the cage to his corner then shakes him off. After another brief stand-up exchange, Sherk drives him into the cage. Back to the center and a hard right lands for Griffin. Nice uppercut by Sherk. Griffin answers with a leg kick, but Sherk responds with one of his own. Griffin misses a head kick and quickly throws a straight punch that lands flush. Quick combo of punches for Sherk. Griffin shoots and misses. Sherk holds his head down and spins to his back. Griffin spins out again and back to stand-up. Good uppercut by Griffin. Left hook connects for Griffin and Sherk responds with an uppercut.
Sherk 10-9

Round 2
Griffin lands a body kick. Jabs landing for Griffin. Sherk countering nicely. Lands a heavy knee to the head. Right-Left combo for Griffin. A right lands for Sherk. Back and forth shots early on. Griffin begins to take control. He lands two big leg kicks. Punches landing at will for Griffin. Sherk keeps getting hit with jabs. Now Griffin is following them up with other punches. Griffin is tired out. Sherk coming back and connecting. He lands a big combo out of a clinch. A huge left catches Sherk. They are both taking punishment.
Griffin 10-9

Round 3
Griffin comes out and hits him with two solid rights that stagger Sherk. He comes in for the kill, but Sherk wasn't as hurt as he seemed. He counters nicely. Some knees to the body and head of Griffin from the clinch. Griffin comes back with more shots that are now getting through a lot easier. Another heavy leg kick lands for Griffin. Uppercuts and left counters landing for Griffin. Sherk answers with a left hook. Leg kick for Griffin and follows it up with a right. Griffin has pounded him with leg kicks this round. Neither has controlled things. Both come forward at times. Sherk throwing combos again. They are both throwing big at the end, but nothing landing too flush.
Griffin 10-9
Sean Sherk Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

-Excellent fight. I don't agree with the decision, but I could see how it could have been 2 rounds to 1 Sherk. The 3rd Round was a toss-up and depended on how you scored Griffin's leg kicks, which to me were the difference. Plus, he rocked him to start the round. As usual, one judge must have been smoking opium before the fight because there is no way in hell Sherk won all three rounds.

-Griffin missed 4-5 head kicks where he actually kicked over Sherk's head. It was amazing. I bet Griffin could kick himself in the head, if he was drunk and bored enough.

Fabricio Werdum vs Junior Dos Santos
-2 more Nogueira training mentions.
-Dos Santos has only been doing jiu-jitsu since 2005.

Round 1
Slow start. Not much happening. Werdum walks right into an uppercut and the fight is over.
Junior Dos Santos Wins by 1st Round KO

-Okay, I was wrong. Werdum sucks. I don't know what I was thinking. He walked right into it. He put his head down and literally moved toward the punch. Looked like his nose caught the worst of it. Five minutes after it ended, it was still gushing blood.

-Main Card is making up for those horrible prelims.

Gray Maynard vs Rich Clementi
-Clementi definitely has his eyebrows waxed. They're ridiculous.

Round 1
Maynard dives in with a left. A right lands for Maynard. Leg kick for Clementi. Maynard shoots, but can't get a good hold of Clementi. They clinch and Maynard connects with a knee. Big takedown by Maynard. Slammed him down hard. Working from Clementi's guard. Good body shots by Maynard. Two elbows land from the top. Round closes with a series of lefts from Maynard. The first was flush.
Maynard 10-9

-"He picks his foot up, you make him fuckin' pay" - Randy Couture

Round 2
Diving right-left combo lands for Maynard and follows it with another right. Leg kick by Clementi. Gray powers him into the cage. Clementi moves out of it. Another big takedown slam for Maynard. A scramble ensues, but Maynard gets him back down. Clementi has control of Maynard's left arm. A tough spot for a second there, ends with Maynard getting his arm out. Maynard throwing light stuff from the top that is barely connecting. Rogan calls Clementi crafty for about the 14th time of the fight. Apparently, if you are old, you instantly become crafty. Maynard controlled almost the whole round from the top. He did almost no damage. He has a case of Hamillitis.
Maynard 10-9

Round 3
Takedown with a slam for Maynard. Clementi working for a kimura. Gray gets out before he can lock it in. Clementi really going for the arms in this fight. He doesn't seem to be strong enough to finish any thing. Rogan keeps yelling at the referee for telling them to work on the ground. Clementi has no answer for Maynard's wrestling and power. A knee to the body by Maynard. Clementi reverses Maynard and has his back for a brief second. It was a second of hope before Maynard countered and then threw him down yet again.
Maynard 10-9
Gray Maynard Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

-They should never put Gray Maynard in a fight with some one who does not have great stand-up. Otherwise, you get a fight with almost no action.

-According to Maynard he wanted to strike more. That's odd because every thirty seconds he grabbed Clementi and took him down. I think it's official. He has a bad case of Hamillitis.

Thiago Alves vs Josh Koscheck
-Koscheck comes out to "Higher Ground" covered by the Chili Peppers.
-Alves goes with "Big Things Poppin".

Round 1
Left lands for Alves. Koscheck gets rocked with a left hook to the ear and then a series of other shots. He goes down and Alves is on top throwing short punches. Koscheck gets up and moves away. Alves giving chase, but can't land the final shot to put it away. It looks like he is back to normal now. He's starting to throw and Alves has backed away. The right is landing for Koscheck. Alves goes with a jab and leg kick that connects. Koscheck goes for a takedown and spends thirty seconds working for it. Alves defends it perfectly and escapes without going down. Leg kick lands for Alves.
Alves 10-9

Round 2
Koscheck misses a big uppercut and gets caught with a counter. Alves landing the jab now. More leg kicks from Alves. A big right almost catches Alves. Barely missed. Koscheck dives in with a knee to the body then drives him into the cage. Leg kick by Alves lands with a thud. Koscheck lands a body kick. Alves lands a leg kick then a body kick with the other leg. Alves is landing with his left hand at will. Koscheck shoots again, but cannot take Alves down.
Alves 10-9

Round 3
Alves kicks Koscheck's leg out from under him then lands a knee to the head. Koscheck goes down and Alves is landing punches as he tries to get back up. Koscheck moving away and getting hit with lefts and rights. He's taking tons of punishment. He manages again to regain his composure. Now he's throwing back. Right hand lands for Koscheck. Alves counters with another leg kick. Alves is teeing off on the legs. He lands a right leg kick that wobbles Koscheck. He can barely even pick up his feet. Koscheck looks like he crapped his pants and is trying to walk around like nothing happened. Alves attacks and lands some more lefts. Koscheck keeps coming back and is somehow landing here and there. Alves keeps landing the leg kicks each time to end the rally.
Alves 10-9
Thiago Alves Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

-Wow. Alves looked incredible. He never went down. Koscheck gave up trying because he knew it was worthless. Alves beat the hell out of Koscheck's legs. They both got their share of it too. Koscheck was wobbly a couple times and it wasn't because of head shots. It was the leg kicks that did it.

-Any one who said Alves beat Hughes because he was heavier was wrong. He proved his worth tonight. Koscheck is a tough opponent and Alves made him look like nothing. His takedown defense and balance was particularly shocking. It reminded me of BJ Penn. How he hops on one foot a few times to center himself. If Koscheck couldn't take him down, could GSP? I'm not sure, but I want to see it.

Patrick Cote vs Anderson Silva (MW Champion)
-According to Goldberg, Cote used to have a Tito Ortiz screen saver. Um, yeah. No way this guy wins.
-Silva comes out to DMX "No Sunshine" and is wearing a red Adidas jumpsuit. He is dancing on his way to the cage and looks supremely confident.

Round 1
An extremely slow start. Silva refusing to throw. Cote lands a leg kick. Three minutes in and nothing happening. Silva comes with a leg kick then a hard leg kick that slightly buckles Cote. A solid kick to the head by Silva. He then connects with a knee to the head. Leg kick by Silva. More dancing and showmanship by the champ. Silva ends the round with a bow towards Cote, who returns it. Cote looks happy to get through the 1st Round.
Silva 10-9

-DellaGrotte tells Cote to remain active because when there isn't any thing happening that means Silva is planning his next attack.

Round 2
Cote lands a spinning back fist. A tie-up for a little. Silva lands a leg kick. Cote goes for a takedown, but Silva moves and gets a takedown of his own. Cote throwing elbows from the bottom. Silva trying to work from the top without much luck. He stands and puts his arms on his hips. He puts his hand out to help Cote up, but he doesn't take it. Cote gets up cautiously, thinking it was a trick. Cote catches a kick and drives Silva back into the cage. He can't take him down, though. Another slow round without much action.
Silva 10-9

-DellaGrotte yelling at Cote to start going after Silva. He keeps telling him the title is there for the taking.

Round 3
Cote hopping around on his right leg with his left in the air to check any kicks from Silva. He lands awkwardly on his right and appears to blow out his knee. Fight is immediately stopped and Cote is in obvious pain.
Silva Wins by 3rd Round TKO (Injury)

-An odd fight from start to finish. Silva never seemed to warm up. He was barely throwing. Although, when he did he looked vicious. Cote was connecting on leg kicks, but that's about it. Really sucks it ended like that because it appeared like the fight was gonna get exciting when they decided to start throwing. I'm not sure if Silva was really confused by Cote. He almost seemed like he was happy to get some cage time.

-Cote said it was an old injury to the knee.


gogoface said...

Looks like it has been a slow start for the card. I hope the main fights are better than this.

chappyd said...

fisher pulled it out from his back. he needed to end this. another decision wouldnt have been good.

Anonymous said...

At least there is someone posting the results. Some bastards just want to show their adds.

Anonymous said...

The preliminary must've sucked.
To many judges decisions

Anonymous said...

Dude! Thank you so much for going through all that trouble to help us out. If anyone wants to watch this fight log to and at their home page clck at the live stream. Install the program if you don't have it. I got it going right now.

chappyd said...

crazy last two fights. i was getting into the silva fight with all the buildup. sucks for cote to lose that way. koscheck you bum!

derrdone said...

I am happy I didn't pay for it. The Alves fight was good and the rest were stupid.

lionit said...

The Alves/Koscheck fight was the best all night. Koscheck gained my respect for taking the beating he did and not dying. Alves is sick. He's gonna give Georges some trouble if he uses all those kicks.

regredbull said...

You had me laughing with a couple of things. The Clementi eyebrow thing is definitely fact.

And I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you for making up the term Hamillitis. It describes Maynard exactly how he is.