Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Origins of GSP

Georges St-Pierre's latest Yardbarker post goes into detail about how he got his start in MMA with his mentor Krystoff Midoux. As usual, it's a great read from one of MMA's biggest stars.
First I want to thank everybody for their get well wishes -- I feel way better right now than I felt when I came back from L.A. It took me 3 days to recuperate and get back 100%. I didn't take any medication - I just slept better and trained to sweat it out. After I felt better, I went to New York to see my trainer Phil Nurse and train with 4 of his students who had an upcoming fight at The Wat - Brett, Sean, Nicholas & Stan. It seems to me that every time I go to New York, those guys get better & better all the time. I also saw my old friends Eric Owing & Andre Gusmao - we went to dinner and then out together for a great night.

Then I came back in Montreal with new tricks and more tools than I had before I went to New York. It's very important for me to help my friends and training partners when they need it because they were there for me when I prepare for my fights. When I came back to Montreal, I kept training with Patrick Cote & Denis Kang, who are both fighting on October 25th. Kang is fighting in Calgary, and Patrick Cote is fighting Anderson Silva for the UFC World Middleweight Championship. Patrick looks better than I have ever seen -- even though the odds are not in his favor, I would not be surprised to see him shock the world. It would be great to have world champions in Quebec!

Georges Laraque, one of my friends who also plays for the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, gave me two tickets to go see their game Saturday night. Even though it was an off-season game, it was very fun and then after I went to see EliteXC at a friend's house.

Gina did a nice performance and I'm glad for her because she also represents the sport very well. The main event was obviously a tough situation because Ken had to pull out because of a cut... and I have a lot of respect for Seth & Kimbo to still go out and put on the fight for the fans.

I know a lot of people have been seeing on the internet that I signed with CAA -- I think it is a very smart move from my manager to get me on board with CAA because they represent some of the greatest athletes in sports and in the entertainment industry. I'm glad and honored to be the first MMA fighter that they represent.

After a quick trip to L.A. for a personal appearance, I'm now in Albuquerque for training with Keith Jardine, Joey Villasenor & some other guys in Team Jackson to help them out for their upcoming fights. But I can't wait until this weekend -- my mentor, Krystoff Midoux, is coming in Montreal from France to see me. It has been a while that I haven't seen him -- we've been talking on the phone every week to keep in touch, but I'm very excited to see him back in Montreal. He's such a crazy character and he's the guy who started me in the sport when I was a nobody. So even though I'm a world champion right now, for me, Krystoff will always be higher than me in the hierarchy because he's my first teacher of MMA.

I saw Krystoff fight the first time in Kanhawake when I was a teenager -- at this time, I hadn't started my amateur career in MMA. Krystoff was my idol because he was coming from a Kyokushin karate background like me, and he used to knock out all his opponents in less than 30 seconds. At this time, everybody told me that I would never be able to be a UFC fighter, because I was not strong & not big and not good enough. Believe it or not, but I met Krystoff in the street one day by pure coincidence. I stopped him and he was very gentle with me because he took the time to talk to me. So after a couple of weeks, by pure coincidence again, I saw him in a jiu jitsu school with one of my friends, Stephane Potvin, who was also a friend of Krystoff's. Krystoff remembered seeing me in the street a couple of weeks before that, and he saw that I was doing very well in training, even though I was younger than all the other guys. He came to talk to me, and he told me that if I was interested, I could start training with him and he would start teaching me how to train and change my routine for a more appropriate MMA training. I right away jumped on the opportunity and that's how I began to be the fighter that I am. I fought 4 times in amateur fights, all wins, before I started my professional career. Actually, you could see Krystoff in my corner during my fights against Frank Trigg & Sean Sherk. I can't wait to see him this weekend -- we have a lot to catch up together and I look forward to having a good time with him. For me, it's very important to always remember where you come from, and who are the people who helped you in the beginning before you reach success.

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Good article. Learned a few new things about GSP.