Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lay Off Silva

I went to bed last night thinking, "That was an odd fight." After reading some MMA sites today, I'm thinking, "These people are odd."

Somehow Anderson Silva's TKO victory over Patrick Cote has become a study in body language and intent. We have Steve Cofield of Yahoo, who thinks Silva was disrespectful when he bowed to Cote following the 1st Round. Whaaaaat?

Since when is a bow a sign of disrespect?

The only disrespect is from people like Josh Gross who write, "For the first time in his UFC career, Silva, 33, was pushed past the second round -- and that had little to do with his opponent." Yes, Cote had little to do with it. He wasn't the one getting hit with laser kicks and knees to the body. The same kicks and knees that obliterated Rich Franklin and so many others. Like it or not, Cote had more to do with Silva's performance last night than most want to admit.

For whatever reasons, Silva never felt comfortable in the cage. Cote deserves credit for taking Silva out of his usual mindset. He did some thing during those two rounds that confused Silva and made him gun shy. Don't take that away from him just because your expectations were not met.

When Rashad Evans spent the 1st Round doing nothing on way to a 2nd Round knockout of Chuck Liddell, he and his trainer Greg Jackson were declared geniuses. When Anderson Silva spends two rounds being cautious and letting the fight develop, he's a showboating jerk. For all we know, Silva might have been setting up the brutal knockout we all wanted to see. And for that, he's a jerk. I'm glad I'm not a fighter. You people are idiots.


lionit said...

Silva always does the first two or three mins of the first. The second he tried to go hard a couple times and it didn't work. I think the third he would have ended it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! Those Yahoo coloumnists are idiots who know nothing about Martial Arts. Silva deserves a lot more respect than hes being given.

Cornu said...

I agree that nor Silva nor Cote should be booed by anyone. People who booed are just stupid and they don't know what MMA is about.

But i disagree with you saying that Silva didn't feel comfortable.

I looked at this fight over and over again and my conclusion is that Silva wanted the fight last longer than the casual 1 round like most of his previous fights.

It looked like Silva wanted to put up a show for the fans.

Check the punches and kicks from Silva to cote in the first and second round. You'll notice that mostly ALL his kicks and punches were precise and right on the target.

I'm quite sure Silva could have ended the fight much earlier and i'm almost 100% that Silva wanted to put up a show tonight for the fans.

Cote was not 1 single moment a threat for Silva.

regards from Belgium

hundred dollar man said...

Cote is getting treated like crap. No one is saying what he did was good. He planned to take the fight into the late rounds. Thats a good idea. Silva hasn't been to the third round since 2004 and that was his last real loss to Chonan. Cote has the plan right. To bad he didn't get a chance to finish it.

Anonymous said...

Silva woulda punked Cote at some point. He gets my respect for getting thru those first two rounds.

Cofield is some geek who got beat up in school and now likes to act like he knows about fighting.

DBiz said...

I agree with hundred dollar man. Cote's game plan of making it late into the fight was the right one because no one knows how silva will react in the fourth or fifth rounds. It's been years since he's been there and, as good of shape that he is in, he is several years older now. Lasting to the late rounds and hoping he got a little gassed was his best chance.