Thursday, October 9, 2008

KJ Noons Not Making Sense

KJ Noons continues his negative publicity tour with more comments that will make his remaining four fans want to scratch their eyes out. I thought it was impossible for some one to make EliteXC look this good, but Noons has somehow done it. Every time he opens his mouth, I side more with the promotion and less with him. The stuff he says does not even make sense.

His latest statements claim he is a free agent because he is no longer the EliteXC Lightweight Champion. According to him, "Stripping me of the title makes me a free agent. They can say however much that I owe them the fights. I owe them championship fights as the champion. They stripped me, which doesn't make me the champion, so I don't owe them anything."

This would mean EliteXC signed him to a contract for championship fights, in which he was the champion, and they never included a clause covering themselves if he was stripped of the title or no longer champion. I find it hard to believe. To me it breaks down to whether or not EliteXC has better lawyers than KJ Noons. Since Noons is a relative unknown, who has repeatedly told us he does not make any money, I'm gonna say EliteXC can afford the better legal talent and the contract is not as clear cut as Noons states.

It appears we have another case of a fighter trying to play Law and Order with their contract, instead of sticking to what they know best. Whatever legal representation he has secured is giving him terrible advice. They are not looking out for his best interest. Noons claims to be severely underpaid. How will he have any money to properly challenge his contract in the courts? Randy Couture found out how expensive it gets and gave up. That's a guy who has made millions in and out of the cage. He also had a much better case against the UFC.

To me this is a classic case of what happens when you play chicken and lose. Noons tried to get tough with EliteXC. He thought too highly of himself and believed he could weasel out of a rematch with Nick Diaz. EliteXC called his bluff, stripped him of the title, and now he is grasping for straws with a legal challenge that will never work. For his sake, I hope he crawls back to EliteXC before he alienates anyone else.


Blackhawk said...

Love this line from the article on mmaweekly....
“I want to fight Nick. I thought I’ve made that clear. It just has to be fair,” Noons stated.

Really? IF that were the case I think we would have seen you throwing punches with Diaz this past Saturday night.

He never expressed interest in fighting Nick again...always ducked him saying he already beat him and should be fighting someone better.

If EliteXC wants to get some respect from MMA fans...let this dude sit for a bit before he fights again....Then let him fight Diaz I mean nobody wants to see Noons fight anyone else now anyway.

mextex said...

He has four fans still?

lionit said...

KJ is a star. Leave him alone.