Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kimbo to Japan?

I will begin this by saying I cannot confirm the news. From the people I have talked with, Kimbo's future remains unclear. He still plans on fighting and being a big star, but nothing other than that has been worked out. However, a line in the Sun Sentinel claims Slice could fight for DREAM on December 31 in Japan. It might even be a rematch with Seth Petruzelli.

It could be a writer taking a bit of a leap or maybe Sharon Robb actually has a credible source. It remains to be seen how this one plays out. As of right now, I am a little suspicious of Miss Robb.


Cornu said...

send him to japan so the US press can focus on the real MMA fighters ^^

Anonymous said...

Kimbo should go to WWE or TNA wrestling. He might not be a good MMA fighter but with training & youtube video as his vignettes he could be one of the biggest stars everr in pro wrestling