Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Frank Trigg Thinks He Knows How to Defeat Anderson Silva

Frank Trigg rarely goes a day without putting his foot in his mouth. Whatever the topic, Trigg has an opinion. As I have said before, in his mind he is the Forrest Gump of Mixed Martial Arts. He has seen everything, trained with everyone, and can relate to anything. TAGG Radio would be a decent listen, if he did not feel the need to talk about himself in relation to every guest.

His latest comments are about Anderson Silva. According to Trigg,
"I think I match up very well against Anderson Silva. I think my style, my technique, matches up against Anderson Silva better than, say, Dan Henderson or Travis Lutter. Everyone's so scared of his length and his reach that they stay way the hell outside. They're idiots. That makes no sense. You have to be on the inside. You have to be a Mike Tyson-style boxer against him. He's too elusive to hit in the face. He just has too much movement. You have to work his body. You have to pick him apart. You have to out-point him. He can't hurt you when you're inside because his punching power is from his length and he has to be outside to kick. Yeah, I think I could win."
I almost do not know where to start. Other than the contradictions, his advice boils down to, "Get inside". The obvious problem with that is Silva does not simply allow fighters to walk in unscathed. His offensive prowess punishes opponents who get within striking distance for too long. Usually by the time a fighter gets close, he has been hit multiple times, and is now stuck in the clinch, where Silva is even more dangerous than from long range. This is another fact Trigg breezes over. According to him Silva is not dangerous on the inside. All the fighters who have eaten knees in close might disagree.

This really has no barring on any thing since Trigg is not in the UFC, and even if he was he would not get a shot at Silva. The reason I bring it up is because we have gone way too long without busting on Trigg at Rear Naked News. In honor of this item, I have a challenge for the readers in the comments section. What things are more unlikely to happen than Frank Trigg defeating Anderson Silva?


mextex said...

Phil Baroni defeating Anderson Silva.

hundred dollar man said...

Dana White regrows full head of hair.

Kimbo Slice shaves beard.

Anonymous said...

Cubs win the World Series

chappyd said...

lance bass goes back into the closet.

john mccain makes an appearance at ufc 90.

chappyd said...

frank trigg shuts up.

michael bisping gets a tan

arianny stops banging ufc fighters

Brokenfist said...

Roger Huerta stops whinning.

Matt Serra make a successful run at the welterweight title again.

Dana White stops using the F-bomb.

Frank Trigg pulls his head out of his a$$

Landon Tucker said...

Kimbo defeats Fedor in an EliteXC grudge match...via first found submission.

Kent said...

Rachelle Leah sleeping in my bed tonight.

jjsterl said...

Andy Reid installs a power running game.

lionit said...

Joe Paterno dies.

Anonymous said...

Joe Paterno lives.

fedoratemyfamily said...

Matt Hamill hears stuff.

GSP is straight.

ludlow said...

You guys are brutal here. I will play along because you twisted my leg.

Dane Cook is funny.

essential said...

Mike Goldberg not saying something retarded.

Rampage going to prision. (suprised no one said that yet.)

No alcohol OR Drunks in the Ultimate Fighter House.