Saturday, October 4, 2008

EliteXC Weigh-In Madness

(Rear Naked News will have Live Results tonight for EliteXC "Heat". Live Results begin at 8pm.)

Maybe EliteXC is turning a corner in their promotion and have finally learned how to drum up interest. At weigh-ins on Friday we saw a naked Gina Carano and two brawls almost break out. I'm not going to get too enthused with this because we have seen EliteXC mess things up before with sort of thing. Over the summer they refused to use the footage of the Diaz/Noons brawl in Hawaii. It would have given fans a future fight to get excited about. Instead they acted like they were the Vatican and refused to stoop to such levels. The most successful promoters have their finger on the pulse of their fans. In this case we are talking about fans of fighting. They want to see violence and anger. It is not like any one was injured by the Hawaii altercation. No one committed a crime, either. I will be eager to see if they use the weigh-in footage tonight on CBS. Chances are they will not. Chances are also good they will have a five minute segment on choke holds too. Why do I even bother with this company?

The weigh-ins were innocent enough until Gina Carano stepped onto her biggest nemesis, the scale. As usual she was over the maximum weight and every creepy reporter in the room hoped for the same thing (is there such a thing as a non-creepy reporter?). Moments later she was removing her clothes behind multiple towels and climbing back onto the scale.

"Oh God. Maybe eating that pound of ice cream
on the way here was a bad idea after all."

Um, guys, the point of the towels wasn't so you three could
stare awkwardly at her. By the way, is that
Frank Lambert from "Step by Step" on the right?

"This is sooo funny! I'm naked! Do you get it?"

Carano's opponent, Kelly Kobold, went with a
more conservative Sears catalog look.

Eventually Carano made weight and the it appeared the excitement was over for the day. Until EliteXC Welterweight Champion Jake Shields and challenger Paul Daley took the stage. Things went well until Daley and Shields began jabbering at each other during the staredown. It escalated after Shields got within an inch of Daley's face and kissed the air. Most grown men do not like being almost kissed by another grown man, so Daley reacted accordingly and lightly pushed Shields in the chest. It was quickly broken up before any thing exciting could happen. Moments later there was some noise behind the curtain and apparently another skirmish broke out between the two.

Daley did not want to be upstaged.

This old guy is in multiple pictures and he
always looks disgusted with the world.

At some point Jared Shaw morphed into
Jerry Seinfeld and broke things up.

If some one asked me who I thought was likely to start a brawl at the weigh-in, I would have instantly said Ken Shamrock. He is known to have temper issues and is also great at selling a fight to the public. Even before he went to the WWF, he knew how to get fans interested. Needless to say, I was not shocked when I heard Shamrock pushed Kimbo for being disrespectful and then began yelling in his best De Niro voice, "Don't you turn your back on me!"

Shamrock is noticeably pale from spending
the last 5000 years in a sarcophagus.

Terrific job by the fat cameraman of pointing
his camera away from the action. By the way,
is that butt sweat?

Good thing Blade stepped in and broke it up.

"You punch like you take it up the ass!"


grans said...

Its stuff like this that keeps bringing me back here multiple times a day. Hilarious stuff man. I'll be following the live results tonight.

mextex said...

I liked the comment about the old guy.

dachrach said...

Frank Lambert, Seinfeld, Raging Bull, Blade, and SEARS CATALOG. Did I miss anything?