Saturday, October 4, 2008

EliteXC "Heat" Live Results

-Ken Shamrock has suffered an injury and will not be in the main event against Kimbo Slice. At this point they have not found a replacement. It figures something like this would happen at an EliteXC event. I guess that's the risk you take when you sign a 5,000 year old Mummy to fight at your event.

-EliteXC is looking for a doctor to clear Shamrock to fight, so for now the main event is on hold. Normally a cut is almost an instant scratch if it happens this close to a fight. Hell, fighters get suspended following fights for weeks because of cuts and in most circumstances they are minor. If EliteXC lets this go through, they should have their MMA license suspended. Shamrock is a typical fighter and will compete despite injuries. It is the duty of the promotion and the Athletic Commission to make sure fighters do not severely hurt themselves. For them to even consider the option of getting a hack doctor to clear him shows why EliteXC is losing large amounts of money.

-As of right now, EliteXC is showing old footage at the arena. Seth Petruzelli was the name being thrown around as a possible replacement for Shamrock. His fight with Aaron Rosa was set to take place already, but they skipped it on the fight card.

Here are the results so far:

Jorge Bouchat vs Nicolae Cury
-Cury Wins by 1st Round Submission (Strikes)

David Gomez vs Bryan Hamade
-Hamade Wins by 1st Round Submission (Guillotine Choke)

Lorenzo Borgomeo vs Mikey Gomez
-Gomez Wins by 2nd Round Submission (Arm Bar)

Edson Berto vs Conor Heun
-Heun Wins by 2nd Round TKO (Strikes)

Cyborg Santos vs Yoko Takahashi
-Santos Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

-MMA Rated is reporting Ken Shamrock has left the arena. Seth Petruzelli, it is your lucky day. I'd love to know all the fighters at the arena who told EliteXC they'd fight in Shamrock's place.

-Dave Meltzer is reporting that when Ken Shamrock's injury first came to light, his adopted brother Frank immediately told EliteXC officials he would step in and take the fight. EliteXC officials probably ran from that scenario, as it is probable Frank would demolish Kimbo, if they fought. Also, Kimbo did not agree to fight Petruzelli until they gave him more money. Petruzelli is a bigger risk for Slice and he was sitting in the ultimate leverage spot, so I do not blame him for being greedy.

-Broadcast has started.

-Ken Shamrock being interviewed. He looks pissed about the cut. Some people were claiming he might have tried to get out of the fight, but I do not think that was the case.

-The doctor who examined him and wouldn't clear him looks like Hesh from The Sopranos.

-Frank Shamrock calls out Ken for training this close to a fight. He basically said, "Ken, you f'n idiot!"

-Wow, at the first break Affliction opens it with a commercial promoting Fedor Emelianenko. Very good commercial. After tonight a lot more casual MMA fans will know who and what Affliction is about. I'm kinda impressed.

Murilo Rua vs Benji Radach
-Gus Johnson, "According to Radach he specializes in face smashing fu. Whatever that is." God, I love Gus Johnson. He says every thing with such conviction, even face smashing fu.
-Oh my God, Radach's introduction included, "specializes in face smashing fu". How embarrassing. Rua better kill this dude.

Round 1
Awful "Big Bang" joke by Ranallo to start things off. Huge series of punches by both fighters. Radach has the advantage. He is landing shot after shot, but Rua keeps fighting back and landing a few himself. Radach connects with an enormous punch that drops Rua. His head hit the mat face first, but Radach fell to the mat too because of the force from throwing the blow. The ref did not see Rua's head hit or else it would be over. Rua recovers after wrestling a bit with Radach. Following thirty seconds on the ground, Rua looks totally back to normal. Unreal he is still fighting at this point. A scramble and Radach is on top. Rua's face is bright red and he has a small cut. Rua has a hold of Radach's leg, however, he cannot get a full heel hook. Round ends with Rua on top throwing elbows.
Radach 10-9

-That was one of the best opening rounds I have seen in a long time. Rua deserves all the credit in the world for not getting knocked out, well, he kinda did, but the ref didn't see it, so it doesn't count.

Round 2
Slower start to the second round. Rua throwing more kicks and knees. Radach lands a straight right hand that makes the crowd erupt. Rua took a couple steps back then regained his composure. He must be tired because Radach had him hurt and did not go in for the kill. Rua goes for a flying knee to the body, misses, and falls to the ground. Radach hits him with three looping rights from the top and knocks him out. Referee steps in to end the fight.
Radach Wins by 2nd Round TKO

-Benji Radach can call his style whatever the hell he wants because he is an animal. He totally destroyed Murilo Rua, who is still laying on his back while doctors examine him.

-Gina Carano being interviewed. The usual stuff about women fighters. She was asked about getting naked at the weigh-ins. They have mentioned the weigh-ins multiple times already. It looks like they have gotten over their moral conundrum about using fighter altercations to promote their events.

-Another Affliction commercial featuring Fedor. This time they showed his fight with Tim Sylvia. Excellent commercial again. They are promoting him perfectly. I bet "Fedor" gets Googled the hell out of tonight.

-By the way, Seth Petruzelli was scheduled to be in a Light Heavyweight fight. He weighed in at 205 lbs. Kimbo has no excuses if he loses to this guy.

Gina Carano vs Kelly Kobold
-We shall see how Carano does after cutting all that weight. You gotta remember she is only walking around at 150 lbs or so. Cutting ten pounds is a lot tougher for her than a heavier male fighter. I'm not making excuses for her, just saying the weight cut could hurt her tonight.
-Referee gave a fist pump to the sky when he was announced. Someone should tell him he's a ref and fist pumps to the sky are gay.

Round 1
Carano lands a right to Kobold's face. Kobold going for a takedown. Ranallo goes down on Carano for fifteen seconds with a rundown of why she is so great. I hate him. I'd rather have a two man booth with Shamrock and Johnson. Still tied up and wrestling. They break free. Carano landing some punches. She looks much sharper. Clinch and knees to head by Carano. Another tie-up. Two thirds of the round was spent in tie-ups. With ten seconds left they break and throw a little. Nothing landing heavy. Still throwing after the bell.
Carano 10-9

Round 2
A right hand sends Kobold back. Carano goes in for a clinch and connects with a couple knees to the head. More punches and then a tie-up by Kobold. Kobold moves back and lands a short right hand. Nice leg kick by Carano. A left hook lands for Carano. A right lands. Another left hook. She is picking Kobold apart. Blood trickling down from Carano's mouth. Straight right lands for Carano. Kobold finally gets the takedown. She is standing and throwing from the top, but the bell ends the round.
Carano 10-9

Round 3
Kobold bleeding above right eye. Her face is kind of a mess. Lots of swelling. She immediately goes for a takedown. Carano defending it well. Shamrock makes a good point about throwing knees to the thighs when going for a takedown. I like him as an announcer. Kobold walks into some punches and a big knee. Another tie-up. Carano shifts her body locks in a Rear Naked Choke. Excellent move. Kobold gets out, though. Left right combination followed by a front kick by Carano. It was like a Tekken combo. She finishes the round with a series of kicks to the head and body.
Carano 10-9
Gina Carano Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

-Entertaining fight. Carano landed tons of heavy shots. After the fight they had a close-up of Kobold's face and it was badly damaged. She took a beating. Announcers continually talked about how women should fight five minute rounds instead of three. I agree. Three minutes is too short for MMA. No idea what the judge who scored it 29-28 was watching.

-They had a cool graphic up after the fight with stats. I'd like to see more stats on MMA broadcasts.

-Yet another Fedor commercial. Same Sylvia one that was just on twenty minutes ago.

Andrei Arlovski vs Roy Nelson
-Nelson comes to the ring looking sleek, as usual.
-Arlovski's facial expression either says, "I'm about to kill this guy" or "I just smelled a really bad fart."
-22 lbs weight advantage for Nelson. Arlovski has four inches on him, but they both have the same reach. It's gotta be impossible for Nelson to find clothes that fit him. Six foot, 260, with a 77 reach. That's a tuxedo salesman's nightmare.
-Tito Ortiz shown in the audience. They mention he might be apart of the EliteXC roster in the future and also that he is having back surgery soon. Shamrock says he hopes Tito joins EliteXC, so he has something to do with his fists.

Round 1
Arlovski trips Nelson, but ends up on the bottom. Nelson into side control. He's working on an arm lock. Arlovski turns out of it. Gus Johnson makes an awful fat joke about Nelson being "well-rounded". Nelson back to side control and working for a Kimura. Knees to the side by Nelson. Referee stands them up. Terrible stand up. Nelson has side control and was going for submissions. Terrible. Tie-up against the cage. Arlovski lands a quick knee to the chest/head. Knee to the midsection by Arlovski. Solid leg kick buckles Nelson's leg. Another lands. Straight right connects. Arlovski in complete control when they're throwing.
Nelson 10-9

-Interview with Tito Ortiz. He said they are "a week away from signing a deal".

Round 2
A left rocks Arlovski back. I think it knocked him off balance more than it hurt him. Another tie-up by Nelson. Left lands for Arlovski. Combination head kick punch combo connects. In the clinch knees landing for Arlovski. Inside leg kick, uppercut, straight right combo knocks Nelson out.
Andrei Arlovski Wins by 2nd Round KO

-Gus Johnson, "Arlovski dominated Nelson like CSI dominates the ratings." Christ, Gus.

-Nelson ran out of gas in the 2nd Round. He used a lot of energy in Round 1 to stay in side control and wrestle Arlovski into the cage. The 2nd Round he was more sloppy and eventually got caught by Arlovski's superior strikes. Arlovski looked good again. His striking could pose more of a problem for Fedor than most think.

-Guess what? Fedor vs Sylvia commercial!

-Great reader email from Ray in Philly, "I don't get why Shamrock couldn't fight with the cut. Don't they drain all the blood from the body before they mummify them?"

Paul Daley vs Jake Shields (Welterweight Champion)
-Jake Shields has some f'd up teeth.

Round 1
Leg kick by Shields. Shoots for a takedown, Daley defends it perfectly. Very quick movement by Daley. Lands a jab. Shields takes him down and whips into side control. Moves easily to full mount. Punches from the top, short stuff to head and body. Some heavier punches are landing for Shields. Forearms and elbows now connecting. Daley looks lost on the bottom. Shields goes for an arm bar and ends up on the bottom. Daley throwing hard elbows.
Shields 10-9

-Interview with Kimbo between rounds. He looks furious over the change. He even badmouthed EliteXC a bit, by saying when you are with a professional organization you do not expect this sort of thing to happen.

Round 2
Daley backs him up with a combination. Left hook connects for Daley. Brief scramble, Shields grabbed a leg for a second. The left is landing at will for Daley. Shields is walking through punches to tie him up. He gets Daley down and quickly mounts him. Elbows and some punches to the ears. A series of quick forearms/elbows lands. Shields grabs the arm. He stretches it out, but Daley is not giving up. Shields adjusts it and bends it to a sick angle until Daley screams and taps.
Jake Shields Wins by 2nd Round Submission (Arm Bar)

-Hulk Hogan seen at ringside with his new girlfriend, who looks exactly like his daughter. In fact, it might have been his daughter. I have no idea.

-Shields says he wouldn't mind going to 185 lbs and fighting Robbie Lawler. Maybe Affliction can lend them a fighter for him to face. Or how about Frank Shamrock vs Jake Shields? I'd rather see either of those options than a fight with Lawler. To me Lawler is best matched up against strikers. You don't want him fighting a jiu-jitsu guy like Shields.

-Finally an Affliction commercial with someone other than Fedor featured. Arlovski gets some love. Seems apparent now he will face Fedor in January.

Kimbo Slice vs Seth Petruzelli
-Petruzelli sporting some pink hair and a pink mouthpiece. He looks a little out of it.
-Kimbo gets a mild ovation from the fans. One fan was shown ripping a Kimbo sign in half.
-Frank Shamrock has not mentioned that he wanted to jump in and fight Kimbo when Ken was not cleared to fight. Executives must have put a muzzle on him.
-30 pounds separates the fighters. Kimbo looks to be in good shape.
-The referee's line was, "Lets get ready to rock n roll." Ugh

Round 1
Kimbo goes right after him and backs Petruzelli into the cage. Petruzelli lands a quick right and Kimbo goes down. Petruzelli throwing as Kimbo is down. He lands 4-5 more punches and the ref steps in to end it.
Seth Petruzelli Wins by 1st Round TKO

-Huge loss for EliteXC and Kimbo Slice. He got caught and now his drawing power will decline. It wasn't that Kimbo was outclassed. He just got caught, which can happen to any one in MMA. Kimbo was not happy about taking this fight. In the pre-fight interview he even took a shot at EliteXC. It will be interesting to see what EliteXC does from here.

-Overall a solid event. Most of the fights were entertaining. I'm sure EliteXC isn't happy right now, but as a fan you cannot get upset with a card like that. Maybe this will teach EliteXC to stop putting all their eggs in one basket. Take Kimbo off the main events and let him develop into a better fighter.


lionit said...

Damn, never thought Radach would take out Ninja. He was for real.

Anonymous said...

Rua didnt fight his fight. He got pulled into a fist fight.

chappyd said...

this is a joke main event. seth petruzelli? hahahahahaa

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! With Kimbo losing, is EliteXC over with?

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Holy crap!

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Thank God this happened. Was it possible to bet on Petruzelli?

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good post tonight. i wish i thought of the mummy blood joke.

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nice report, thnx!

was fun reading too, i love your sense of humor :)