Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Carano vs Cyborg in February

It appears EliteXC is getting closer to inking the deal that should have happened months ago. Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos claims the fight should happen in February. It's about time. EliteXC has stalled the fight because they were hoping to have it on their first PPV (yes, the mythical EliteXC PPV that has been talked about since the 1920s). The odd part of their strategy is they have barely featured Cyborg at their shows. Her last fight was not even on the CBS broadcast. Her other EliteXC fight was in July at "Unfinished Business" when roughly fifteen people bothered to watch.

EliteXC is messing up another situation. They have an exciting product sitting around gathering dust. It's time they stopped treating the female fighters as a sideshow and made them stars. Put the Carano/Cyborg fight high on the card and it will force the casual fan to begin seeing female fighters in a different light. They are the only major promotion with a female division. It benefits them to do this. It's not like the fights stink. In fact, they are usually the best fights on the cards. Viewers will leave thinking they just saw an important fight that exceeded expectations.

Or you could continue having Kimbo get knocked out by jabs. As usual, what do I know? I've never lost tens of millions of dollars running a company into the ground.


patrick said...

Cyborg is a beast. Gina might want to avoid this fight at all costs. I wouldn't want to fight her!

Anonymous said...

Santos is overated

gooner said...

When Cyborg destroys her do you think Elitexc will still push womens mma?

I don't.

mextex said...

I agree. Carano is what they like. It isn't about women fighting for them. Only her.