Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Affliction and CBS

Another aspect of EliteXC's demise is it leaves CBS without an MMA promotion to work with. Many people questioned whether CBS was serious about MMA programming when their deal with EliteXC began. Following the third show, which CBS funded, they spoke openly about their desire to air a fourth event with EliteXC. Without EliteXC, CBS must turn to a new promotion.

Their options are limited to the UFC, Affliction, or a minor promotion. The UFC and CBS were extremely close to a deal at one point, but Dana White got last minute jitters and decided to bail. The sticking point was control over the production of the shows. Dana White and the UFC did not want to give CBS authority to change the look and feel of their events. I find it difficult to believe this obstacle could be overcome in future negotiations.

That leaves Affliction as the likely partner for CBS. Affliction is a giant whore and will do business with just about any one who asks. There were rumors when they signed their deal with Golden Boy that it would pave the way to a future agreement with HBO. As of today, it has not happened. HBO seems content to stick with boxing and let others jump into the MMA deep end first. A deal with CBS makes too much sense not to happen. Affliction can not rely on PPVs without a television presence. They need to reach the fans who are not planning on buying their PPVs and give them a reason to change their minds.

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Landon Tucker said...

I agree. With every lackluster PPV by other organizations, the UFC continues to be the only org. that I would pay to watch. Other companies need to convince me that they're worth my time and money.

I mean, back when Affliction and UFC had those competing PPV's, you would switch back and forth between the two and just laugh at what was going on with Affliction. The judges are clowns, the video quality is sub-par, and the crowds seem dead.