Friday, October 24, 2008

10/24/08 News

  • UFC 89 had a good ratings showing with 2.6 million viewers. Strikeforce is the big story, though. They had 1.1 million for their 30 minute Saturday night show on NBC. In 2009, the plan is for Strikeforce to do some live shows for NBC. Watch out Affliction. Your stake to the #2 spot is getting dicey.
  • More Dana White Video Blogs. In the second one, you get a glimpse into his obsessive side when he's watching the intro videos. The fact he cares enough to do some thing like that shows how much of a fan he really is. Guy has all the money in the world and could sit back and let others do all the work, instead he's watching five seconds of a video multiple times to make sure it's good enough.
  • Apparently the UFC wants their fans to slip into comas, because Matt Hamill and Reese Andy will "do battle" at UFC 92. You could substitute, "hug each other and inflict as little damage as possible for 15 minutes" in for "do battle".
  • Jon Fitch might return to action at UFC 94 on January 31. He also will be in the November 5th episode of the Mythbusters. They will be examining the coffin punch from "Kill Bill".


Landon Tucker said...

Great news today!

Strikeforce is exciting.
Dana continues to impress me.
Matt Hamill...joke. Reese Andy...bigger joke.
And I can't wait for Fitch's return!

Cornu said...

another example of Dana White being a great guy and not the show off others say

he's a real workaholic and living for his UFC and their fighters

regards from Belgium (Europe)

lionit said...

The UFC might be setting the wheels to drop Hamill. Fighting Reese Andy is a big step back and looks like a fight to fulfill their contracts. Kill two birds with one stone.