Thursday, October 16, 2008

10/16/08 News

  • MMA Bay puts to bed the constant rumors about a Brock Lesnar injury. It's amazing what one person with a telephone can do.
  • Behind the scenes at UFC 89. Marcus Davis doesn't like Sausage Fests.
  • UFC 87 had close to 600,000 PPV Buys. That puts it slightly behind UFC 81, which had roughly 650,000. Both events featured some guy named Brock Lesnar.


gooner said...

The WWE really hates the UFC for these ppv numbers. I know the people who like mma aren't all pro wrestling fans. There are a good deal. You got all the same stuff at UFC with the music, fireworks, wacky announcing team. I bet the amount of mma fans who become pro wrestling fans is low. The opposite is high as heck.

mextex said...

It amazes me the UFC does more avg ppv buys than wrestling. Is Hulk Hogan still wrestling?