Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UFC Fight Night 15 Live Results

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Dan Miller vs Rob Kimmons
Round 1
Early feeling out process with some punches thrown by each. They tangle up in the clinch and Miller quickly takes his back. He wraps a rear naked choke on and it's over.
Dan Miller wins by 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

-Miller embarrassed Kimmons.

Mike Massenzio vs Drew McFedries
Round 1
Massenzio immediately takes McFedries down. He is in his guard. Massenzio does not waste time. He gets free from the guard. Grabs McFedries arm and works into a kimura. McFedries taps out.
Mike Massenzio wins by 1st Round Submission (Kimura)

-Huge win for Massenzio. He has some talent.

Jason Brilz vs Brad Morris
Round 1
A big slam by Brilz to open things up. He carried Morris around pretty easily before throwing him down. Brilz takes his back. Throwing short punches from the back. A scramble and Brilz now has side control. He is raining down punches and elbows to the head and body of Morris. Morris doing absolutely nothing. Brilz goes for an arm bar, but the bell ends the round.
Brilz 10-8

Round 2
Morris begins the second round on the offensive by landing some punches. Brilz must not have liked the feel of that, so he took him down. He is back into side control. More elbows from Brilz. He is dominating. He secures a full mount. Morris rolls and gives up his back. Brilz continues throwing and the ref stops the fight.
Jason Brilz Wins by 2nd Round TKO

Joe Lauzon vs Kyle Bradley
Round 1
Bradley controlling the early stand-up with an uppercut that lands flush. After a tie-up, they are back to stand-up. Bradley continuing to hit Lauzon. Lauzon seems out of sorts early on. Gets things going towards the end with a series of shots that land.
Bradley 10-9

Round 2
Bradley starts the round like the first by landing shots. Lauzon has had enough of the striking game and takes Bradley down. Excellent move to full mount by Lauzon. He is throwing bombs from the top. Bradley scrambles and gives up his back. Lauzon doesn't stop throwing and the ref stops the fight.
Joe Lauzon Wins by 2nd Round TKO

-This show is flying by. Lauzon had a gut check moment in the first round where he put things into another gear and took over.

Wilson Gouveia vs Ryan Jensen
Round 1
Jensen throwing punches and kicks early. Nothing landing too much. Gouveia connects with a combination before Jensen takes him down. As Jensen throws from the top, Gouveia goes for a triangle. Jensen is able to fight it off. Gouveia goes for an arm bar and again Jensen gets out. Still throwing from the top. Gouveia forces a scramble and has Jensen mounted. Jensen gets out of it, though. Round ends with elbows by Jensen.
Jensen 10-9

Round 2
Jensen kicks Gouveia in the nuts to start the second round. Things are stopped so Gouveia can make sure his balls are still attached to his body. Things get going again with both throwing light punches that are mostly missing. Jensen lands a kick to the head and goes for a takedown. The kick did not land fully. On the ground, Gouveia calmly takes Jensen's back. Jensen looking an escape gets caught in an arm bar. Gouveia has it deep. Fight over.
Wilson Gouveia Wins by 2nd Round Submission (Arm Bar)

-We've now had submissions by Rear Naked Choke, Kimura, and Arm Bar. Maybe Diaz will whip out some thing exotic for the main event. Hopefully it's a Ric Flair Figure-Four. With no ropes, the move would be unstoppable!

Alessio Sakara vs Joe Vedepo
Round 1
Sakara coming out with lots of kicks. Vedepo trying for takedowns. The second fails, but he lands a strike that dazes Sakara. Vedepo comes after him and gets caught with a head kick that knocks him completely out. Huge KO by Sakara! He nearly decapitated Vedepo. Wow. You will be seeing this one on the televised card for sure.
Alessio Sakara Wins By 1st Round KO

-Nothing happening yet. Intros by Rogan and Goldberg.

Houston Alexander vs Eric Schafer
-Alexander claims there is no pressure on him. Yeah, sure.
-Schafer has a 4 inch reach advantage. I don't see him using it much. The more he's on his feet, the less chance he has of walking out a winner.
-Schafer looks like a buff version of Bobby Flay.
Round 1
Alexander comes out strong with some violent knees in the clinch. Schafer falls down and Alexander is on top throwing. They are back to their feet and it is more of the same. Schafer going for takedowns and Alexander landing knees to head and body. Schafer is doing a better job now. He is holding on to Alexander and neutralizing his knees. Schafer finally gets the takedown and is in side control. Alexander moving around and Schafer sinks in a guillotine choke. Alexander escapes, but Schafer gets the mount. Alexander is getting hit with some big elbows. Now Schafer is throwing punches and landing most of them. With sixteen seconds left in the round, Schafer hooks an arm triangle. Alexander taps with seven seconds left! Are you kidding me?
Eric Schafer Wins by First Round Submission (Arm Triangle)

-Goodbye, Houston Alexander. Maybe EliteXC is hiring. For any one who defends Alexander and says he didn't know how much time was left, Schafer said after the fight that he heard Alexander's corner call out the time. With his UFC career possibly on the line, Houston Alexander tapped out with seven seconds left while in a choke. Would you want him back if you were the UFC? I know I wouldn't.

-We now have had the following submissions: Rear Naked Choke, Kimura, Arm Bar, and Arm Triangle.

Ed Herman vs Alan Belcher
-Ed Herman kinda looks like Bobby Flay too.
-Belcher has on what appear to be red boxer shorts. I'm pretty sure his balls will be seen during this fight

Round 1
Belcher lands a nice kick to the leg. Fighters tied up against the cage, following an early scramble. Belcher is very active. Moving around on his toes. Lands another big leg kick. Fighters tie up against the cage again. Ref breaks them up. Herman lands a hook. A punch stuns Belcher, who quickly recovers. Herman gets a takedown and is in Belcher's full guard. Belcher gets back to his feet, but Herman slams him back down. Belcher gets back to feet as round ends.
Herman 10-9

Round 2
Belcher lands a solid left hook that rocks Herman. He must have a head of steel because that thing would have dropped most fighters. Herman connects with a left hook and elbow combination. Some body shots following by a big overhand right sends Herman back into the cage. He is still fighting back and lands a right hook. Belcher has rocked him twice this round, but has nothing to show for it. Very hard leg kick from Belcher connects with Herman's thigh. Another kick hits the body. Herman shoots and takes him down. Belcher does a great job and gets back to his feet. Herman connects with a knee as they stand back up. The round comes to a close with both throwing landing grazing shots.
Belcher 10-9

Round 3
Herman shoots, but can't get the takedown. Belcher throwing the jab much more. Belcher's corner yelling at him to stop throwing kicks. Herman's takedowns have almost all come following kicks by Belcher. A quick right lands for Belcher. Herman responds and lands a shot of his own. Two minutes to go and it's anyone's fight. Herman gets a takedown and is in half guard. Belcher needs to get back up. Big left hand lands from the top for Herman. Belcher gets back to his feet and connects with a leg kick and a right. Another takedown for Herman. He has Belcher's back for a second. Now into full mount. Throwing short punches to the head. Herman closes the round with lefts and rights to the head.
Herman 10-9
Alan Belcher Wins by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

-I have no idea how Belcher got that decision. I guess they didn't think much of Herman's submission attempts in round one. Tough loss for Herman. I thought he definitely had the decision.

-They are doing a preview of The Ultimate Fighter. Jose Aguilar just said he belongs with people like Alexander and Hitler. Every fighter should take a common sense class where they teach them how not to sound like a total idiot.

Clay Guida vs Mac Danzig
-Mac Danzig kinda looks like...Forget it.

Round 1
Danzig backs him down with a series of punches. Nothing landing yet. Guida throwing single strikes to counter. Leg kick by Guida. Danzig controlling the movement of the fight. Good jab lands for Mac. Another leg kick for Guida. Danzig defends a takedown perfectly. Straight right lands for Danzig. Big time right by Danzig. He pushes forward with strikes, but Guida ducks and takes Danzig down. Danzig quickly gets back to his feet. Guida lands a knee in the clinch then picks Mac up and slams him down hard. Danzig gets up again then gets slammed again (not as hard). Guida throwing short punches from the top to the body and head. Round comes to a close with Danzig inching back up to his feet.
Danzig 10-9

-Could have easily been an even round or given to Guida. Depends how you look at it. For me, Danzig got up each time Guida took him down and he landed the more damaging shots.

Round 2
Guida comes out moving forward with punches and kicks. Danzig connects with a straight kick to the head, but Guida basically runs through it and gets a takedown. It doesn't last long. They are back up circling. Straight rights and looping lefts from Danzig. He's missing by a tiny bit on each. Another takedown by Guida and as usual Mac gets out. Both landing light strikes. Nice knee by Danzig hits Guida in the head. Guida grabs hold of him and takes his back. He suplexes Danzig to the mat (total Steiner Brothers move). Still with his back and he almost has a choke. Round is over and that one was not nearly as close as the first.
Guida 10-9

Round 3
Leg kick by Guida. Knees to the thigh land for Guida, as they wrestle against the cage. Danzig begins to land. Connects with a leg kick and then takes Guida down with a nice slam. Danzig goes for a kimura. Guida gets out and has his back, but not for long. Lots of wrestling on the ground with very little punching. Has his back again. Back to their feet and Guida peppers him with knees before taking him down for about the millionth time. Danzig looks tired. He can't get away from Guida's hold. On their feet and more knees from Guida. The fight comes to a close on the ground with Guida throwing a flurry of punches.
Guida 10-9
Clay Guida Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

-Guida could not have fought a better fight. He did exactly what I said and pressured Danzig the entire fight. There wasn't room for Mac to do much of any thing. By the last round he had nothing left and you could see it. How about Huerta/Guida II?

-Dana White announces December 10 event, which will be called "Fight for the Troops". It will be held at Fort Bragg in North Carolina and televised on Spike. The point of the event is to raise money for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. So far the only match on the table is Corey Hill vs Dale Hartt.

Nate Diaz vs Josh Neer
-Joe Rogan has said Neer has fought in over a hundred fights at least 14 times in the last two minutes.
-Jens Pulver, who was Nate Diaz's coach on The Ultimate Fighter, is in Neer's corner for the fight.
-4 inch reach advantage for Diaz.

Round 1
Leg kick by Neer to start things. Neer takes him down. Diaz gets back up, but Neer throws him down again. Diaz up again. Neer has his back and is holding on. Diaz turns and throws some punches. Neer lands a solid punch. Combination of 10-12 punches to the head and body by Diaz, in the usual light Nick Diaz-like manner. Beautiful judo throw and Diaz is on top in Neer's half guard. Diaz stands and lands a heavy right to his grounded opponent. Back down Diaz spins and grabs his back, but doesn't do any thing with it before the round ends.
Diaz 10-9

-Same as the first round of the Guida/Danzig fight. It was very difficult to score.

Round 2
Diaz comes out fast, throwing combos. Diaz gets Neer down and is in full guard. Up kick lands for Neer. Diaz gets his arm caught for a bit. There's a scramble and Neer takes Diaz down then takes his back. He sinks in a choke. Diaz somehow escapes. Neer on top. He's having a hard time landing through Nate's defense. Lots of grappling in this round. Back to their feet, Diaz throwing combos and knees. A last second right lands for Diaz.
Neer 10-9

-Most of the round was fought on the ground or scrambling.

-Nick Diaz yelling and cursing at Nate between rounds. Wants him to step it up.

Round 3
Some more grappling to start. Neer gets his back, but Diaz swings around and takes Neer down. Diaz standing and throwing at Neer on the mat. Neer back to his feet. A scramble and Diaz has his back. He has both hooks in and turns into a mount. Neer does a good job and gets out of it. Diaz standing again and dropping down with punches after throwing Neer's legs out of the way. Standing now, both wrestling for position and possibly a final takedown. Neer lands a couple body shots. Diaz executes another judo throw. Round over.
Diaz 10-9
Nate Diaz Wins by Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

-For some reason Neer decided he didn't want to fight on his feet too much against Diaz. It was a wrestling match with lots of jiu-jitsu defense, which worked in Nate's favor.

-During the post-fight interview, Nate took a small shot at KJ Noons.


Anonymous said...

Are they only showing 4 of the fights on tv?

chappyd said...

its only gonna be 2 hours. they might show an early match if the four live ones go by fast.

Kenny Kline said...

The match ups are all wrong! Joe Lauzon should be fighting Nate Diaz.

lionit said...

Alexander is gone. Tapping out from a choke with under ten seconds left is inexcuseable.

chappyd said...

alexander blew it. what i dont get is how he can get killed on the ground every fight and never improve. what does he do when he trains? might as well stop training on his feet and just do ground stuff.

lionit said...

I wonder what the judge's reasons were for giving Neer two rounds.

chappyd said...

1st is obvious

maybe the 3rd?