Saturday, September 6, 2008

UFC 88 Breakthrough Live Results

Pay-Per-View has started.

Roan Carneiro vs Ryo Chonan
Round 1
Chonan connects with a body kick and after a scramble gets Carneiro down. Carneiro working from the bottom and going for triangles. Carneiro makes some moves and gets into side mount. Chonan ties him up and works out of it. Chonan lands 1-2 elbows after Carneiro's attempt at a takedown. Carneiro follows it with a solid right.
Carneiro 10-9

Round 2
Chonan gets Carneiro down with a trip and immediately goes to work with a good series of punches. Chonan keeps standing and throwing punches and leg kicks while Carneiro remains on his back. Chonan back on top and landing punches and some elbows. Carneiro trying to throw from the bottom. Nothing doing any damage, though. Round ends with Chonan unleashing another series of punches.
Chonan 10-9

Round 3
Carneiro goes for a quick takedown. Chonan defends well and ends up in Carneiro's full guard. The fighters go back to their feet after a brief scramble. Carneiro blocks a kick and pushes Chonan down. Carneiro working from the top. Not much happens until Chonan gets out and back to his feet. Chonan connects with a left. A takedown is stopped by Chonan who then throws Carneiro down. Very slow round for both. Neither doing any thing worth noting. Round ends with Chonan throwing a lot, but nothing major.
Chonan 10-9
Chonan Wins By Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

-Chonan did more to win. Not the fight I was hoping for, but still an outstanding opening for the show.

Jason Lambert vs Jason MacDonald
Round 1
MacDonald comes out swinging and staggers Lambert a bit. He takes him right down and is working from the top. Lambert sinks in a guillotine and holds it for about a minute. MacDonald eventually gets out of it. He lands some body shots. Lambert defends most. MacDonald continues working from the top and begins finding his range with a series of heavy elbows. He connects with some lighter body blows. Lambert somehow gets the guillotine again, just as deep as the first time. Round ends with MacDonald still in it.
MacDonald 10-9

Round 2
Fast pace to start the second round. MacDonald throws Lambert to the mat and is on top. He moves fast and gets Lambert's back. A rear naked choke ends it.
MacDonald Wins By Second Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

-Very impressive win by MacDonald. He dominated the first round and ended it quickly in the second. For any one wondering, I predicted the outcome just like it happened. 2 for 2 on the night. My bookie better watch out.

Tim Boetsch vs Mike Patt
Round 1
Crazy action to begin things. Patt looks anxious. He tries a takedown that goes no where. Boetsch knocks Patt down with a hard right. From there he jumps on him and ends it with a series of punches from the top.
Boetsch Wins By First Round TKO

-Lame fight with a good ending. Patt looked lost. It was just a matter of time before Boetsch knocked him out.

Thiago Tavares vs Kurt Pellegrino
-Tavares reminds me of a guy in a frat who lifts weights all the time and dominates flag football. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

-They're killing time right now.

Round 1
Slow start before Pellegrino almost knocks Tavares out. He recovers and gets back to his feet. Pellegrino wastes little time and has him down again. This time he moves to full mount and begins throwing elbows and punches. These are big shots too. Pellegrino stands up and sends a perfect shot straight down onto Tavares' head. Tavares takes some more shots, but finds a way back to his feet. It does not last long, as Pellegrino takes him back down. Round ends with Pellegrino working from half guard.
Pellegrino 10-8

Round 2
Tavares pokes Pellegrino in the eye as the second round gets going. A dubious beginning, if I ever saw one. Ref giving Pellegrino time to recover. Tavares' face is all mashed up. His eyes are swelling shut. One good shot should open him up. Fight gets going again and Tavares is showing better stand-up. He isn't landing a ton. Definitely more aggressive this round. Pellegrino lands a knee to the body following a takedown attempt by Tavares. Tavares ties him up and trips Pellegrino down. Working from the top with punches and quick elbows. Pellegrino goes for an arm bar that never gets fully locked in. Round 2 comes to an end with Tavares connecting on more shots from the top. This is an outstanding fight.
Tavares 10-9

Round 3
Both fighters circling and waiting for chance to open things up. They look a lot more cautious. Tavares lands a kick to the body. They get tied up and jockey for position. Nothing really happening. Tavares drives Pellegrino into the cage, but cannot take him down. Pellegrino gets Tavares down after defending a takedown. Pellegrino ends the round on top with light punches to Tavares. Terrible round for both. No one did any thing significant.
Pellegrino 10-9
Pellegrino Wins By Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)

-That is it for the preliminary fights. I liked them all, even Boetsch's easy win over Patt had a nice ending. Now watch, the Brown/Kim fight will stink. It always happens.

-Ten minutes away from the start of the PPV.

-Rogan and Goldberg doing the intro for the event.

Matt Brown vs Dong Hyun Kim
-According to the pre-fight video, Matt Brown is tough and Dong Hyun Kim is foreign.

-Rogan gives a two minute speech about how big MMA has gotten in Korea.

-Kim sporting some serious booty shorts.

Round 1
Brown comes out aggressive. Does not land any thing flush. Kim calmly defends. From the clinch both throw knees that sorta land. After a scramble, Kim grabs his back and sinks in a rear naked choke. Brown escapes after 20 seconds. Kim goes for another choke, this one not as deep. Brown again escapes. A scramble and Brown ends up on top. Throws some light shots. Back on their feet and Brown connects with a high kick. Brown throwing all sorts of things, including a spinning backfist that almost landed. They go to the ground and Brown has a choke, but it is not deep. Kim escapes and grabs Brown's back yet again. Can't finish it, though.
Kim 10-9

Round 2
Kim breathing hard to start things. Brown throwing lots of kicks. Nothing landing. Brown pressuring him all over the Octagon. From the clinch, he lands 2-3 knees that connect. Kim falls back into the cage. Kim continuing to move away, as Brown gives chase. He looks very tired. Brown gets Kim down and is in his full guard. Throwing solid punches from the top. Back on his feet and gets hit with an upkick. Brown is not phased by it and continues throwing punches from the top. Kim gets back to his feet. They grapple on their feet and hold for a bit. Brown gets him down again and ends the round with a big punch to the body and some punches to the head.
Brown 10-9

-Could have been a 10-8 round. I didn't think so because Kim never looked hurt, but a generous judge might give it to him.

Round 3
Fans cheer Brown as the round begins. Fight has to be stopped after half a minute because Brown does not have his mouthpiece in. Kim shoots and gets a takedown. He is into side control. Tried to mount and Brown escapes. Back to their feet and they are wrestling near the cage. Brown throwing knees in close. Kim is holding on and looks dead tired. Body punches by Brown. Kim lands a left as Brown backs away. Kim presses him and gets his second takedown of the round. Throwing light punches from the top. Solid elbows land and open up Brown. His face is covered with blood. Round ends with Kim working from the top.
Kim 10-9
Kim Wins By Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

-Announcers were gushing about Brown the entire fight. If you watched with the sound off, Kim won the fight. The first round he almost finished it twice. The second was all Brown. Kim took the third with the two takedowns and then landed two big elbows that cut Brown.

-Rogan tells Brown while interviewing him that he had him winning the fight. Brown says he doesn't fight for judges.

-81% of fans think Liddell will win, according to some dumb text messaging poll. Any one who sends in a text message vote should have their fingers cut off. Only thing worse is text message sex. I hate technology.

Martin Kampmann vs Nate Marquardt
-Marquardt coming out to tough sounding opera music.

-Kampmann goes with "Till I Collapse" by Eminem. I give the entrance song edge to Kampmann. Marquardt's was too dramatic.

Round 1
Cautious start by both fighters. Marquardt lands a brutal kick to the head that stuns Kampmann. He begins pouring it on. A couple of huge uppercuts daze Kampmann. Marquardt steps up the action and connects with just about every thing. Kampmann slouches to the ground and the ref steps in to end it.
Marquardt Wins By First Round TKO

-Marquardt killed him. The big head kick was setup by a slow jab that distracted Kampmann. It was a cool move that probably works 1 out of 75 times.

Dan Henderson vs Rousimar Palhares
-Dan Henderson has the exact same voice as Brock Lesnar.

-According to Goldberg, Palhares entrance song is from LL Cool J's new album. I wonder how much it cost LL to get his song mentioned on the PPV.

-Palhares is only 5'8. He looks like a Beefcake from the 1980s.

Round 1
Palhares went for a takedown and Henderson rocked him with a right. Follows it up with some wild punches. Palhares grabs a leg and Henderson backs away. He got out of trouble there because the first right had him hurt. Palhares connects with a body kick. Henderson responds with another right hand. Henderson is crouched over like Randy Couture and just waiting to land the big right. Henderson lands an uppercut that drops Palhares. He goes in for the kill, but again backs away as Palhares goes for a leg. Palhares gets up and throws a series of kicks that narrowly miss. A scramble and Palhares is on top. Henderson holding on. Great defense by Henderson. Palhares sinks in a knee bar just as the bell rings.
Henderson 10-9

Round 2
Palhares goes for multiple takedowns and finally gets one. Sends Henderson down to the mat with a huge slam. Palhares sinks in a knee bar and has it for 20 seconds or so. Henderson calmly escapes and lands a big right while still sitting on the mat. He is limping a little, though. Palhares is like a python on the ground. He gets a limb and goes for it every time. Palhares goes for a takedown. Henderson sprawls and ends up on top. Lands a big right from the top. Henderson not working, just staying on top. Ref stands them up, which might have been Henderson's plan. Yet another right hand lands for Henderson.
Palhares 10-9

Round 3
Following a sprawl by Henderson, Palhares lands a knee to the head. Henderson defending multiple takedown attempts. A right hand lands for Henderson. Fans booing, as action has slowed. Henderson lands a few punches. He refuses to be taken down. Every time he sprawls out of the way of the takedowns and quickly gets back to his feet. Henderson ends the round with a right hand that sends Palhares falling backward to the mat. He follows it up with a huge looping punch from Palhares' guard.
Henderson 10-9
Henderson Wins By Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

-Started out as a great fight. Once Henderson got caught in the knee bar in the second round, he became very cautious. His sprawl was world-class the entire fight and was the reason he walked away victorious.

-That was Dan Henderson's first non-title fight since 2005.

-Rogan talking with Randy Couture. Couture has on a ridiculous suit. He looks like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. Rogan asks nothing worth hearing the answer to. I have little doubt he went backstage after the interview and stroked it into a toilet.

-They are showing the Boetsch/Patt fight from the preliminary card.

-The time wasting is over. They are building up the Franklin/Hamill fight now with a video.

Rich Franklin vs Matt Hamill
-Hamill coming out to "Truck Drivin Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Do you think he picked it out?

-Rich Franklin goes with the reliable "For Those About to Rock" by AC/DC. Terrible choices by both fighters. AC/DC has a dozen better songs to use as entrance music. "Thunderstruck" comes to mind first.

-Big ovations for both fighters, as they are announced.

Round 1
Two minutes in and neither has landed any thing. Franklin ends the stand-off with a jab. Hamill wakes up and begins throwing. Lands a couple punches and one of them opens up Franklin. Doesn't look like a bad cut. Franklin lands two leg kicks. A takedown by Hamill. He works from the top. Nothing of significance landing. Franklin gets back up and lands a knee.
Franklin 10-9

Round 2
Franklin laughing as the second round begins. Solid leg kick by Franklin. Combination of kicks and punches lands for Franklin. Mario halts the action to take a look at Franklin's cut. It isn't bleeding bad. Looks like he is missing a large chunk of skin. Hamill ducked down and Franklin caught him a kick to the head. A kick to the balls by Franklin halts the action again. Both fighters throwing and landing. Franklin getting the better of it. From the clinch he lands a couple knees. Another inside leg kick by Franklin. Hamill not going for takedowns. It's very odd. Franklin connects with solid leg kick. A flying knee backs up Hamill as the round ends.
Franklin 10-9

Round 3
Body kick opens things up for Franklin. He is doing whatever he wants in there. Hamill gets caught with a brutal kick to the liver and goes down. Franklin gives chase and the referee stops the fight.
Franklin Wins By Third Round TKO

-Boring fight. Hamill walked around and got hit with whatever Franklin threw. The ending was odd. It appeared Hamill might have tapped while on the ground. I said it in the UFC 88 Preview, Hamill does not have the killer instinct of top fighters. It just isn't in him. He never took the fight to Franklin and was happy to go through the motions until a big shot dropped him.

Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans
-Liddell coming out to DMX as usual. He looks nuts tonight. Evans dancing along to Liddell's music.

-Muhammad from The Real World San Francisco is the referee for the main event.

Round 1
Right hand by Liddell. Evans connects. Lots of circling. A big right lands for Liddell and sends Evans into the cage. Leg kick by Evans. Liddell begins landing towards the end. His jab connected throughout the round. A nice uppercut stunned Evans for a second. Evans landed something that cut Liddell and puffed up his eye. Slow start for both. Evans just moved around the whole round and played defense.
Liddell 10-9

Round 2
Both fighters trading punches by the cage. Liddell lands first, but Evans connects with the better shots. Evans connecting with the left hook on each exchange. Liddell is a second off this round. An enormous overhand right by Evans knocks Liddell out. Both were throwing punches and Evans connected first. Liddell still has not gotten up.
Evans Wins By Second Round KO

-Liddell did not look comfortable in the second round. He was getting hit and could not find his range. It was odd because he seemed on-point in the first round. On the flip side, Evans looked totally off in the first. Even the second, he didn't look great or anything until the knockout shot landed.

-Forrest Griffin was shown after the fight and it appears very likely Evans will get the title shot.

-Evans' wife was screaming so loud when he won. You could hear her over every one else. I'm glad I'm not married to her.

-Okay, that's it for tonight. Thanks to every one who followed along. We broke records tonight without a doubt. I'll be back tomorrow with some recap posts about the event. I hope everyone had a good time.


chappyd said...

what time is the fedor fight?

lionit said...

I don't like this card. The Karo fight does not make a difference for me. It is missing something. Franklin and Hamill is not a second to last fight.

Anonymous said...

Quick pace. 2 fights done in the first hour.

lionit said...

They slow it down when things go fast. The prelim fights sometimes have dead time in between more than the ppv card. It helps them make sure the ppv card goes off good.

lionit said...

Brown got screwed.

Anonymous said...

haha Never expected to see a Goodfellas reference tonight.

geedo41 said...

Ya, how does Hamill pick his entrance songs? Never thought of that.

lionit said...

Someone probably picks them for him.

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That was worse than Rampage's shot that knocked Chuck out.