Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Roger Huerta Still Bitter

It has been a month and a half since Roger Huerta lost to Kenny Florian and he still has not gotten over it. His latest comments to Fighters Only Magazine show a bitter fighter who is desperate for a rematch he will in all likelihood not get any time soon. Huerta's main points of contention are that his training was not up to par and Florian coaxed him into a fight he was not comfortable with. He claims, "Kenny was very professional, he fought on a points system and he did that really well. He wanted to win that way and he did it well." Huerta claims he would fight differently in a rematch. I guess that means he would not stand in front of Florian for three rounds getting hit, go down multiple times, and give up his back without much of a fight.

Any one who watched their fight knows Florian did not simply fight on a points system. He rocked Huerta a couple times and came close to finishing him on the ground in the first round. If he was fighting for a decision, he probably would have lost the fight because Huerta connected on his fair share of shots too. It was a good fight between two top level fighters. Huerta should leave it at that and concentrate on winning his next fight.

To me his biggest worry right now should be signing a new contract with the UFC. He has one fight left on his deal. The UFC is adamant that fighters with one fight left on their contract will not get top bouts. Huerta needs to get a new deal done and get back to fighting. The longer he stays on the sidelines, the less of a contender he is at 155 lbs. Florian, Sherk, Griffin, Stevenson, and BJ Penn all have fights lined up in the coming months. Who is left for Huerta to fight? If he acted quicker he probably could have had the Stevenson fight, but instead he is still talking about his last fight and sitting on the bench.

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Anonymous said...

gay! k-flow back peddled like a chicken the entire huerta fight. If huerta did not chase him there would not have been a fight.