Thursday, September 11, 2008

Randy Couture TAGG Radio Highlights

UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture appeared today on TAGG Radio and talked about a variety of topics. He was his usual candid self. Outside of Frank Trigg trying to draw comparisons between himself and Randy every three minutes (they both got divorced!), it was good to hear Couture talk for an extended period of time about what is going on in his life. Here are some of the highlights.

-Hopes to fight Fedor after Lesnar. Talked about this twice. It seems like he doesn't see it as the long shot almost every one else does.

-Told a funny story about how he and Dana White started talking again. One day Randy sent Dana a text message saying he saw some people talking bad about him on the underground (I think that's his old man way of saying the Internet). The people were saying Dana White eats dick sandwiches. Randy stuck up for him and said, "Dana would never eat a dick sandwich. He doesn't like bread." Dana thought it was funny and asked Randy to come by and they could eat some dick sandwiches and talk about things.

-The hand drawn picture of Georges St-Pierre on the wall of the TAGG studio looks exactly like Barack Obama. I spent five minutes looking at it and wondering why someone sent in a picture of Obama's head next to a Maple Leaf.

-Detailed a program for fighters that would help with medical expenses. Said the UFC already takes care of most things, but he feels it should be a set program with rules and regulations. This would help fighters pay for injuries and ailments their insurance does not cover and fighters who do not have insurance.

-Said it was great that Lorenzo Fertitta was now a more active part of the UFC. Called Dana the face of the company. This goes back to an earlier report I made in August. In it I spoke about how top officials within Zuffa were at the forefront of bringing Randy back. Lorenzo played a key role in seeing past the petty stuff and keeping his eye on the business side of things. It was obvious from Randy's comments about him that he feels a debt of gratitude to Lorenzo for ending the months of legal fighting.

-He is bringing in Shane Carwain and Josh Hendricks to train with him for the Brock Lesnar fight. Feels they are both big enough for him to get a good idea of what it will be like to be in the ring with Lesnar.

-When people call in to TAGG, the fat host (who is a WAMMA Fighter Ranking "expert" by the way), says, "TAGG! You're It!!!" Whoever came up with this should be fired.

-He defended the fight with Lesnar by saying the UFC wants the biggest fight. It was apparent Couture felt the same way because he refused to say the number one contender should always get the title shot. He gets a percentage of the PPV money, depending upon how many buys it gets, so it is not surprising that he would have no problem with a fight against Lesnar.

-Believes he can take Lesnar down. Said just because he is big, it does not mean he cannot be taken down. He will put pressure on him and make Lesnar fear the takedown.

-Thinks Lesnar has never been hit and things will change once he lands a punch.

-Weighs 225 lbs right now, which is what he plans on fighting at in November. Said when he weighs more for fights it makes him sluggish and he loses his center of gravity.

-Described Lesnar as overaggressive, like all wrestlers who compete in Mixed Martial Arts.

-Told a long story about a bar fight in Atlanta in 1995. He was out celebrating with the other members of the wrestling team, including Dan Henderson. He stopped to tie his shoe and leaned on a car. Four bouncers came out, one with a bat, and yelled at him for touching the car. The rest of the wrestling team looked back and saw him arguing, so they went back. Randy grabbed the bat from the bouncer then chased him through the bar. The other bouncers and the wrestlers began fighting outside. Randy never caught the bouncer, but when he went back out the wrestlers had the bouncers in various holds. And for some reason Dan Henderson's shirt was off.


lionit said...

Randy is always a good listen. Its great to have him back and able to talk about everything.

sonerno said...

I was listening to this. It did sound like Randy does believe he can fight Fedor soon.