Friday, September 26, 2008

Machida vs Silva Rescheduled

When Thiago Silva pulled out of UFC 89 with a back injury, it seemed the bout with Lyoto Machida was in danger of never happening. Machida did not want to wait around for Silva to recover. His shot at the Light Heavyweight Title was one win away and he did not care if it came against Silva or any one else the UFC put in front of him. The UFC offered a bout with Machida to several prominent fighters, but no one was interested. I should mention the initial offers were for a fight at UFC 89, which would mean taking a bout with one of the most difficult fighters to prepare for on short notice.

Without an opponent, the UFC scrapped the possibility of Machida competing at UFC 89 and moved on to future events. There were brief talks with Mauricio "Shogun" Rua that did not get very far (Shogun is trying to break the record for most rumored fights in a single year). There was even a brief time when Machida was considered as the first opponent for Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin. Rashad Evans changed all that when he knocked Chuck Liddell's head off.

It appears the UFC's search has been solved because Thiago Silva has once again agreed to face Lyoto Machida. This time the fight is to take place at UFC 93 on January 31. Silva is recovering at a faster rate than originally thought and believes he will be ready for the Super Bowl weekend fight. A fight between Quinton Jackson and Wanderlei Silva was believed to be in the works for UFC 93, but with the addition of Machida/Silva, it appears unlikely both will be featured on the same card. Recently Jackson told UK based Setanta Sports' News that he was fighting on December 27 (UFC 92) and it would be against Wanderlei Silva, as long as he accepts the fight.

It remains to be seen how this plays out. I would not put it passed the UFC to have both fights on the UFC 93 card, along with BJ Penn vs Georges St-Pierre. The event will happen a couple of weeks after Affliction's rescheduled second show. A UFC card of that magnitude would overshadow any thing Affliction could put together. It would drowned out their media coverage and make even a solid show seem lackluster. If Dana White and the UFC brass wants to send a message, we might get to see the greatest MMA fight card ever put together.


Anonymous said...

The Silvas win both matches.

lionit said...

The Rampage-Wanderlei saga is never ending. In 2014 we will think it will happen than Shogun will make a comeback to mess it up somehow.

fingernailpigeon said...

Has the GSP/Penn fight been confirmed totally? I don't rememember reading about it being being agreed. The guys said they'd fight. Is there a contract?