Sunday, September 14, 2008

GSP on Yardbarker

Georges St-Pierre answers some fan mail. Also, check out this awful song a fan made for GSP. This isn't as bad as posting videos on YouTube with your thoughts on MMA, but it still ranks up there on the pathetic meter.
Thanks to everybody for leaving comments on my blog entries - I'm really glad to know I have such support! I want to answer a few questions from fans who have e-mailed me, but I decided to answer here so I could share with everybody (these questions are from jhb1994).

How important is high school wrestling in MMA?

Wrestling is a very important sport and it's probably the sport that helps me the most in MMA. But I didn't start wrestling in high school - I started when I was 19 years old with some of the best wrestlers in the world and one of the best coaches as well. Wrestling is not a sport where you're going to learn how to hurt someone or how to finish him - it's a sport that allows you to control the fight - and that's why it's so important and not enough people give wrestling credit.

What is your favorite sport other than MMA?

I am a fan of every kind of sport, but I really love ice hockey, basketball & chess.

Who is your favorite fighter?

My favorite fighter to watch was Kazushi Sakuraba when he was at his best because he had a very unorthodox style and he was very unpredictable.


chappyd said...

he posts more than most of the big athletes. way more than the mma fighters who blog there. i hope he keeps doing it like this.

lionit said...

His answer about wrestling shows why many wrestlers don't make it far. They lack the instinct to finish fighters.