Saturday, September 20, 2008

Georges St-Pierre Is A Busy Man

In his latest blog entry at, St-Pierre talks about his first experience being a cut man, hanging out with hot chicks, and inner city kids turning to MMA instead of gangs.
This past weekend it was very special for me, not only because I had two friends from Brazil who came up from Rio de Janeiro, but because also I was working as a cornerman at the Xtreme MMA event. I was cornering Aloizo Barros & Steve Claveau, who are two of my good friends and training partners. Aloizo started the fight very well, but unfortunately got disqualified because he kneed his opponent to the head when he was on the ground (which is illegal in North America). I personally think that the referee made a huge mistake by disqualifying him and not giving him any warning.

Another of my good friends, Steve Claveau, fought a UFC veteran, Aaron Riley, who's a true gentleman, by the way. It was a great fight, back and forth, but in the end, Aaron Riley was the victor. After the first round, Steve had a huge cut on his forehead, and it was the first time in my life that I was working in the corner and I had to work on a cut. It was pretty disgusting, but I think I did a good job because I stopped the bleeding.

Then at the end, of the night during the main event my good friend and training partner, David Loiseau, fought for the middleweight title. Even though he dislocated his shoulder during the fight, he knocked out his opponent in the fifth round. It shows how big heart is and how persistent he is. I just hope the UFC has some looks at what happened that night in Montreal, because it might open the door not just for David, but also for many guys - there was a lot of talent on the card that night.

Sunday night I finally had the time to hand out with some of my friends who had gone to Beijing to represent Canada in wrestling. We went to the Club Opera all together and we had a great time (a lot of beautiful women hahaha). I flew to L.A. Monday afternoon after a very hardcore training with my strength & conditioning coach. Jonathan was so devastated that I have to leave for 1 week, that it seems to me that he put all of the training that I do in 1 month into a day's session. I was so tired at the end that I could barely stand on my feet and I almost needed someone to drag me to the airport to catch my flight. I finally arrived in L.A. at night and went to eat on Sunset Boulevard at one of the best Thai food restaurants that I've eaten at in my life.

I have a very busy schedule this week with a lot of meetings, but I try to find 2 hours in my day to go train somewhere so I don't go crazy. One of the highlights of my week was Tuesday night, when I was invited to go to a little town close to L.A. & meet some kids and teenagers who are training MMA in a garage. A lot of these kids didn't have any resources or any person who can help them, so sometimes their only choice is to turn to a gang. I'm really impressed with Coach Koon for taking care of all these young men. Even though I went to talk to them & encourage them to stay on the right path, in the end, I think this experience actually benefited me more than them. They reminded me of myself when I was younger, when it would have been very easy for me to choose a different road in my life. I want to thank Scott Casber who invite me to join him and giving me this experience, this group inspired me and now I'm even more motivated me to win my fight and to do well.

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Really loving his posts. More fighters should try to get into blogging.