Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fedor and UFC Negotiating

SI.com learned Fedor Emelianenko's American representatives and the UFC are negotiating at an "advanced stage". With the return of Randy Couture to the UFC, every MMA fan is wondering if we will finally see him step into the Octagon with Fedor. It appears the UFC is not content with simply bringing back Couture, but also wants the top Heavyweight under their banner, even if it is for one night.

There are obstacles, which will have to be overcome. Fedor has two fights left on his contract with Affliction, however, SI.com claims there is an out clause that would allow Fedor to fight Couture for another promotion. I find this easy to believe, because when Fedor signed with Affliction, they had little leverage. His representatives are known for being tough negotiators, so it seems probably they would include such an out clause in the contract.

Another potential stumbling block is the UFC's long held use of three fight contracts. Since his Affliction contract only allows for one fight, it is not possible for them to use their traditional method of dealing with fighters. I do not think the UFC would bother speaking with Fedor's handlers, if they were not willing to sign him to a one fight deal. From my perspective, the fight we have been craving for what seems like years is closer than ever to happening.

(The original link is back up and every one can see it clearly says Fedor is negotiating with the UFC.)


dachrach said...

It would be a shared promotion with UFC and M1. I would love to be a fly on the wall for those meetings when they are trying to split up the revenue.

lionit said...

I read this when it was first up and the story changed big time. It definitely had a whole section about Fedor negotiating with the UFC.

chappyd said...

original link is back