Sunday, September 14, 2008

Appeals Never Work

Anthony Johnson's appeal has been rejected by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. At UFC Fight Night 14, Johnson suffered a TKO loss to Kevin Burns when the fight was stopped following an eye poke that referee Steve Mazzagatti failed to see. Johnson's appeal sought to have the result changed from a loss to a no contest. The Nevada State Athletic Commission claimed in an email to that there was not a sufficient remedy for the appeal.

This case shows the problem with the appeal process in MMA and sports in general. No matter how obvious the fault, appeals almost never win. For them to say there was not a remedy for the appeal is complete garbage. The result should have been overturned and declared a no contest. Johnson received inadequate attention from the state licensed referee. He also suffered serious injury in the form of a detached retina, which required surgery and left him inactive for weeks. The least they could do is take the loss of his record.

Through all of this Johnson has appeared mature about the situation. I hope the UFC rewards him for this in the future with more high profile bouts. He has showed in and out of the Octagon that he is ready to take the next step.


Cornu said...

true, Kevin Burns claimed he had broke his hand 3 times and for that he had to fight with open hands

UFC should refuse Kevin Burns for future fights, for the safety of his opponents imo

wdyt guys?

gregalex said...

With something like this fight, I would be fine with instant replay. Or maybe another ref or official outside the cage watching for something bad like this.