Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anderson Silva Ponders Retirement

Anderson Silva recently told a Brazilian cable channel SporTV he is pondering retirement within the next year. The full interview has not been released, but a source from the cable channel claims Silva talked about retirement multiple times during the interview. Fighters are known to say crazy things at times. I would not put much stock into this story. I do not dispute he said it. I just think it's a hypothetical situation and not some thing he is realistically planning for. As long as there are big fights for him, his manager will get him to fight.

Update - Silva's manager, Ed Soares, has put to rest the retirement talk. According to him, Silva has six fights left on his UFC contract. He also said they have an incredible relationship with UFC President Dana White. MMA news has been ridiculously light the past couple weeks and it is at those times when dumb stories like this tend to come out. All you Silva diehards can stop worrying now.


Cornu said...

so true, many fighters said they would quit and they didn't.

Imo Silva is just bored that he doesn't get any opponent which lasts longer than 1 round ^^

Silva vs GSP plz! ;)

felix said...

I agree.

Silva won't be reitring. He might move to light heavyweight for good. Imagine him turning away from fights against Liddell, GSP, Bisping, Henderson.

No way

lionit said...

Another thing with Silva is he has not had the huge paydays like Liddell and Couture have. He is still not at that level. Maybe after a few of those he will retire.