Friday, September 26, 2008

Affliction Reveals Structure of January MMA/Boxing Event

Five Ounces has confirmed the setup for Affliction's hybrid January event. It will feature four MMA fights and one boxing match. No word on what type of bout the main event will be. I think it would be very weak to have a boxing match be the main event at a show with primarily MMA fights. Having it be the co-main event and occur prior to the final MMA bout seems like the best fit in this awkward situation. I wish Affliction luck, but it would not surprise me if this blows up in their face. Boxing and MMA fans are different animals. There is less crossover than most believe. One way that might work is concentrating on getting boxing fans interested in MMA. Throw a MMA fight onto a boxing card and see how the people respond. I'm sure the two hundred people who arrive for the mid card fights will really love it.

(A reader sent me this link with some more comments by Atencio about the structure of the event. It appears they are leaning towards the boxing match being the main event. Putting on an 80% MMA show that ends with a boxing main event cheapens the sport, in my view. It's like saying, "MMA fights are ok for mid cards, but they shouldn't be the main events." I'll completely change my mind on this if they somehow get Larry Merchant on the announce team. Watching him pontificate about Mixed Martial Arts would be an instant classic.)

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hundred dollar man said...

Anyone else relieved its one boxing match? I was thinking about it being more like 2-3. 1 isn't a big deal.