Tuesday, September 30, 2008

09/30/08 News

  • Dana White thinks the bad economy helps the UFC. I totally disagree with his assessment. It might not hurt PPV numbers too much, but I guarantee it lowers the live gates. Don't get me wrong. The UFC will still sell out their shows. The thing that will change is how many high end tickets they can sell and the overall demand for tickets. Shows outside of Vegas will be affected a lot more.
  • Affliction wants Gegard Mousasi to face Vitor Belfort at their January event. Mousasi also reveals that his training partner Fedor Emelianenko is rumored to fight Josh Barnett. I find it hard to believe that Affliction will not put Arlovski against Fedor, if he has a good showing on CBS. It would make Arlovski more of a draw than Barnett, who is not well known to American fans.

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Anonymous said...

This economy is gonna hurt more people than folks realize. Six months from now will be when things get really bad for normal people.