Tuesday, September 16, 2008

09/16/08 News

  • Nevada State Athletic Commission might change some rules to deal with MMA appeals.
  • A look back at all The Ultimate Fighter winners. Poor Travis Lutter.
  • Juanito Ibarra finally speaks. I've never met the man, but he seems annoying. Maybe it's the hat.


lionit said...

Lutter stunk. That season was saved by Serra beating GSP. Most people have Serra because he comes off as a cocky dude, but he really did tons for the UFC. His win kept the show credible.

gregalex said...

The year Diaz won was a boring season for me. I thought it would be good with BJ Penn. For some reason it didn't turn out good.

hundred dollar man said...

Ibarra needs to speak his mind. He can talk all he wants about other projects but they don't pay the bills. He is a trainer and needs fighters to trust him.