Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where is Tito?

It was widely believed that Tito Ortiz would be introduced today at the Affliction press conference officially launching their second pay-per-view "Day of Reckoning". The former UFC superstar was noticeably absent and it is causing many media members to question their earlier claims. I am not one of them. Tito Ortiz is still signing with Affliction. Michael Cohen, Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization and Donald Trump Jr both spoke with Ortiz yesterday. Some things got hung up today and the contract is not completely finished. It will be soon enough.

This contract is proving especially complex because it is literally the first of its kind for an Affliction fighter. Prior to this Affliction handled fighters as free agents who they were signing to compete at events. Ortiz will not only be signed to fight in the ring, he will also become a company spokesman. There has even been talk Affliction offered Ortiz Pay-Per-View Buy Incentives that could make his contract the richest in MMA history. While his front end salary might not appear enormous, the back end money he will receive for popular events will make Tito's giant head bob with glee.


chappyd said...

tito probably told them he wants a press conference all to himself. in his mind this is the biggest free agent signing ever.

legdropbrother said...

Thinking the same thing.