Monday, August 4, 2008

WEC Exciting As Usual

The WEC continued its run of exciting action-packed shows last night with a card that featured three title bouts. None of the featured fights went to a decision, and although there were some questionable referee stoppages, it still was a terrific night of MMA excitement.

The biggest surprise of the night was Steve Cantwell's upset victory over WEC Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Stann. Cantwell came into the match very confident despite being knocked out by Stann in their first bout in under a minute. This bout was much different from the start. Stann looked light and only clocked in at 201 lbs. By the time the fight started, Cantwell looked clearly bigger and in better shape. He used pinpoint punches and some timely knees from the clinch to stagger Stann early and often. Stann did not have an answer to Cantwell's strikes and it ultimately cost him in the second round when a looping right hand dropped him for good.

In a mild surprise, WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner made quick work of Marcus Hicks in a bout that many believed Hicks would win. Varner showed from the opening bell that he is more than a world class grappler with impressive striking that left Hicks badly bruised. Following a substantial amount of punishment that put Hicks on his back, he somehow got back up, only to be knocked back down seconds later following a barrage of accurate punches by Varner.

19 year old Josh Grispi continued his rise through the WEC with a first round knockout of Micah Miller. Following the stoppage, Miller protested, but it was clear he was not fighting back. He was down on the ground motionless and took several punches to the head.

In the main event Carlos Condit fought Hiromitsu Miura in a four round war that ended with a terrible referee stoppage. With thirty seconds left in the fourth round, condit dropped Miura with a knee to the head. He followed it up by getting on top of him and landing three extremely light punches. Miura was not hurt, he was simply tired, as was Condit. Moments earlier Miura had Condit down and was hitting him with a series of solid shots, but the referee allowed the fight to go on. Then a minute later he stops it for three light punches on the forearm. It was an awful ending to a tremendous battle between two MMA warriors. Miura continually reversed Condit on the ground and got out of trouble. Another reason the referee had no reason to stop the fight. Time and again whenever Condit was on top, Miura found a way to reverse him and take top position. Prior to the stoppage, I had the fight even (2 rounds each). I doubt it will happen, but I would love to see these two fight again. In fact, I'd love to see Miura fight just about anyone.

Overall it was another great show for the WEC. Somehow they always get exciting action out of their fighters. The card in September looks even stronger. Do yourself a favor and start watching WEC immediately. You will thank me later.

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tomfish said...

Varner did look great. He could be become something special if he keeps improving.