Sunday, August 3, 2008

WEC 35 Live Results and Blog

-In the earlier fights, Grispi won by strikes, Larson by strikes, Avena strikes, Budnick by submission (triangle).

-Build up, nothing happening. Frank Mir looks like he's been sniffing glue all day.

Brian Bowles vs Demacio Page
-Page has the coolest nickname "The Angel of Death". Much better than Jamie Varner's former nickname, "The Worm". If I was a fighter, I'd call myself sometime cool like, "The Hammer" or "Honey Roy Palmer".

Round 1
Page lands a heavy right. On the ground, Bowles working from the top, nothing big landing. Page reverses it and is now on top. Honestly, Mir is on something. He's totally out of it. Back on the feet and trading punches. Page lands a kick to the leg. Following a takedown attempt, Bowles catches Page in a guillotine. Not much of an effort to get out of it. Bowles wins via first round submission (guillotine choke).

-Too bad, looks like they're going straight to the Varner/Hicks fight. I was hoping Josh Grispi's win would get shown. Maybe if the other fights end quickly, they'll put it on. Pacing of this event is horrible, so far. Commercials and filler talk have taken up 95% of the 25 minutes they've been on the air.

-Rashad Evans is in attendance.

Marcus Hicks vs Jamie Varner (Lightweight Champion)
-Marcus Hicks looks like one of those mean guys who really is nice and secretly enjoys gardening. Kinda like Officer Hightower in Police Academy 2.
-Varner told me he has been boxing since he was a kid and it's the most underrated part of his game. With his reach advantage (9 inches!), he should be able to tee off

Early tie-up and clinch. Hicks takes him down, but Varner gets back up. Hicks sinks in the guillotine, kinda deep. Varner shakes it off. Clinch and Varner lands two crushing knees to the head. Hicks looks hurt. Varner coming forward and landing punches. Hicks goes down and Varner on top bashing him. Ref ready to stop it, but Hicks gets back up again. Once back up, Varner ends it with 4-5 pinpoint lefts and rights. Varner wins via first round KO.

-Hicks showed tons of heart. Too bad he didn't move his head a little and get out of the way of those 60 punches he got caught with.

-Varner gives Hicks tons of compliments, "He's tough...Has an iron jaw...Thanks for standing right in front of me and being so short."

-They gotta show the Grispi fight now, right? It's 9:40 and they only have two fights left.

-They're gonna show the Larson/Prater fight.

-Steve Mazzagatti prior to start of fight, "All right, hook'em up!" Every referee thinks they gotta have a catchphrase because of Mills Lane.

-9:51 and the Larson fight has already been shown (he won by KO, if you didn't notice the earlier post). Maybe they'll kill some time with Frank Mir giving a tutorial on How to Get Beaten Up Then Pull a Knee Bar Out of Your Butt.

-Larson compares himself to a "little warrior with a bow".

-Interview with Uriah Faber. His chin looks exactly like a butt.

Steve Cantwell vs Brian Stann (Heavyweight Champion)
-This match-up highlights the WEC biggest problem, which is finding suitable contenders for the champions to fight. Stann already knocked Cantwell out in under a minute last year. Did Cantwell's two wins since then really qualify him for a rematch?
-Stann looks light. He weighed in at 201 lbs.
-Cantwell's nickname is "The Robot". That's just too perfect.

Round 1
Neither landing much in the first minute. Stann lands a leg kick. Cantwell lands some shots. Gets Stann in the clinch, but can't connect with the knee. Stann was backed up and has a cut forming on his cheek. Tied up now and both recovering after the flurry of activity. Another series of punches land for Cantwell. Stann is standing in there looking for a counterpunch, but he's getting hit with solid strikes. Frank Mir points out Stann's keeping his left down and it's creating openings. I guess the glue has worn off. Cantwell slips and eats 7-9 punches from the top by Stann. He gets back to his feet as the round ends. Cantwell controlled things until the slip. He still did enough to win it.
Cantwell 10-9

Round 2
Stann starts with a leg kick. Fans chanting "Cantwell". Cantwell gets caught with a kick to the nuts. Another leg kick as the fight restarts by Stann. Those are gonna add up if this fight goes deep. Cantwell looks slower this round. Huge left to the body pushes Stann into the cage. Stann very cautious. Covering his head with both hands after he throws. Cantwell presses Stann into cage and landing big shots. Stann is in trouble. A looping right drops Stann. The ref stops in and ends the fight. Wow! Cantwell wins by 2nd Round KO.

-I'm very surprised. Stann looked light, but he just got killed. Cantwell was quicker to the punch all night. In the clinch Cantwell really showed how inexperienced Stann still is. He kept getting caught with knees to the body and inside punches. I don't think Stann connected with one good strike in the clinch.

-Grispi fight is up next. Micah Miller's shorts looks like they came out of Hulk Hogan's closet. Miller tried to say the fight was stopped early, but it wasn't. He got dropped with a punch and immediately hit with multiple strikes on the ground. All he did was cover his head and did not fight back. No movement, either. The refs seem to let fights go when the hurt fighter at least moves his arms, legs, etc. Miller didn't do any of that. If it went on, Grispi would have landed more strikes and Miller might have been injured.

Hiromitsu Miura vs Carlos Condit (Welterweight Champion)
-Condit has some thick Asian hair. It's way more Asian than Miura's. See, this is the type of in-depth analysis you only get with Rear Naked News.
-Big reach advantage for Condit. This will be a tough upset for Miura to pull off.
-Miura sorta resembles Chong Li from Bloodsport.
"You break my record. Now I break you like I break your friend."

Round 1
Back and forth action early. Miura doing great job of getting inside then moving away without getting hit on the inside. Miura throws Condit to the ground. Back to the feet quickly. A sweep by Miura drops Condit. Yet another sweep by Miura. After getting back up, Condit lands a punch that sends Miura to the ground. Condit immediately on top. Working from the side and top. Goes for an arm bar, but Miura slips out. Back to their feet and Miura continues to give Condit a judo lesson with another throw to the ground. Round ends with Miura on top. His throws and sweeps give him the round. Condit landed one big shot then let Miura get up. Solid round. I'm liking this fight.
Miura 10-9

Round 2
After a brief exchange, Miura slips backwards and Condit goes into his full guard. Condit stands and gets hit with an upkick. Back down, Miura is using butterfly guard. Condit passes with one leg and is now in half guard. Not throwing too much, just trying to get his other leg out of guard. Condit finds a way to pass and has a full mount. Turns over and Condit has his back. He rolls and goes for an arm bar, but Miura again slips out. Standing again Condit lands a body kick. Miura misses a judo throw and Condit grabs his back again. Miura moves him into full guard. This guy gets out of trouble very well. Condit dominated that round. Miura didn't do anything offensively. I'll give him a 9 for all the escapes on the ground. That was impressive.
Condit 10-9

Round 3
Lock up early and Condit goes for a guillotine. Looks deep, but he lets go. Condit has the full mount. Again, not throwing from the top. Keeps looking for submissions, arm bars mostly. Miura sweeps him over and is now on top! This guy is unreal when he's in trouble. Miura throwing punches from the top. Condit looking for an arm, but Miura landing solid punches. They get back to their feet and both are landing punches. Condit lands a big knee. Miura locks him up and Condit quickly grabs his back. Works over to full mount. Throwing punches from the top, finally. Light stuff, looks tired, ref yelling at Miura to fight back. Miura rolls over and gives up back. Condit sinks in rear naked choke, but Miura gets through the round. Wow again! Miura was gone with Condit on top throwing, until Miura smartly rolled over and gave up his back. There was only 30 seconds left, so he knew he could get through till the bell if Condit put on a choke.
Condit 10-9

Round 4
Miura lands a left to open things up. A series of strikes ends with a right that drops Condit. Miura on top landing punches. Condit rolls and gets on top. Miura sweeps him once again and is now in Condit's full guard. Condit goes for a knee bar, as Miura rains down punches. Miura slips out of it. Ref stands them up after a lull in the action. Both throwing as they stand. Miura backing him up and almost gets caught with a knee. It goes to the ground and Condit is on top. Mir says Condit has won every round...He must be sniffing again. Miura reverses Condit again and is on top. Throwing punches, Condit looks tired. Back to the feet. Condit lands a strike followed by a knee that drops Miura. From the top Condit is throwing light punches. Ref steps in and stops it with about 20 seconds left. Terrible stoppage. Condit wasn't throwing anything hard from the top. He was literally hitting him on the forearm! The WEC just gave Condit the title back. He probably would have won eventually, but come on don't stop a war like this over that.
Condit wins via an awful stoppage by the ref in the 4th round.

-Last fight was fun to watch until the stoppage. Miura showed a lot. A minute before the ref stopped the fight Miura had Condit down and was landing solid shots. The ref let that happen, but then stops it when Condit lands three light punches to the forearm? Mir mentioned during the broadcast that one of the things he'd like changed in MMA is ref stoppages. I couldn't agree more. It's the old NBA line that when the 4th quarter comes, the ref should let the players decide the game. Awful ending to a true MMA war.

-Thanks for reading. I have some exciting articles coming this week. Stay tuned.


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