Friday, August 15, 2008

Vitor Belfort Out of Affliction "Day of Reckoning"

Things are not looking too good for Affliction's second Pay-Per-View effort, as another high profile fighter has pulled out because of a hand injury. This time it is Vitor Belfort, who was supposed to face Matt Lindland. This leaves Affliction without an opponent for Lindland and in serious danger of losing fan interest for the event. EliteXC found out the hard way how difficult it is to pull off a successful follow-up show without their top talent. It seems Affliction is getting dangerously close to walking the same path.

It remains to be seen how Affliction will handle this, but it could put more pressure on them to sign Tito Ortiz and get him into the ring for the October event. Even if he is not able to fight on the card, announcing his signing would give the injury prone promotion a lift and create some news that does not center around hand injuries.

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wolr6 said...

Vitor has crappy luck. Guy does not ever catch a break, no pun intended.