Saturday, August 9, 2008

UFC 87 "Seek and Destroy" Live Results

The Pay-Per-View and Live Blog has now started (10:00pm).

Ben Saunders vs Ryan Thomas (Not Broadcasted)
-Saunders Wins via 2nd Round Submission (Arm Bar)

Steve Bruno vs Chris Wilson (Not Broadcasted
-Wilson Wins via Unanimous Decision

Andre Gusmao vs Jon Jones (Not Broadcasted)
-Jones Wins via Unanimous Decision

Dan Evensen vs Cheick Kongo (Not Broadcast)
Round 1
Kongo takes Evensen down repeatedly. Back on their feet Evensen sinks in a guillotine from the clinch, but Kongo is too strong. A right sends Evensen down. Kongo on top throwing every thing you can imagine at him. Time is running out, but the ref finally steps in to end it.
Kongo Wins via 1st round TKO

-The early fights were pretty good. The fans got on Bruno and Wilson, but there were some good moments there. Kongo looked vicious, which is always fun to watch. He murdered that dude.

Luke Cummo vs Tamdan McCrory (Not Broadcasted)
Round 1
McCrory immediately takes the fight to the ground and has a deep rear naked choke on Cummo. His legs are wrapped around his body. Cummo somehow gets out. After an exchange, back on the ground where McCrory has another rear naked choke. Cummo escapes, again. McCrory still working. Sinks in an arm bar. Looks painful. Cummo does not tap, but he does escape.
McCrory 10-9 (could have been 10-8 easily on a judges' card)

Round 2
Same thing as the first. McCrory gets Cummo down and works from the top. Goes for a choke, arm bar, then just decides to keep pounding him. Cummo has great defense on the ground and a really funny name.
McCrory 10-9

(By the way, PPV didn't actually start. This is another "Dark Match". Not starting till 10pm.)

-Between rounds Quinton Jackson sat down in his seat at ringside. Fans go nuts.

-10 minutes until the PPV starts.

Round 3
Cummo lands a right that staggers McCrory. McCrory goes for the takedown and is again working on Cummo from the top. Goes for an arm bar, but you guessed it, Cummo defends it. Goes back to feet where McCrory takes it right back to the ground. You won't believe it...Cummo is on the offensive with a triangle choke. McCrory makes short work of it with a slam. Fight ends shortly after with McCrory still on top.
McCrory 10-9
McCrory Wins via Unanimous Decision

-I'm so tired of these dark matches. Can't wait for this thing to actually begin. When Manny starts throwing Emerson around the ring I'll wake up.

-Opening montage. Huerta has already unleashed his first "dude".

-Goldberg and Rogan doing an intro. GSP statistics...80% success rate on takedowns (UFC average is 45%)....83% success rate on takedown defense....has spent less than 5 minutes his entire career on his back during matches.

-How tall is Rogan 5'6? They gotta get him a stool to stand on during these segments. Goldberg looks like Big John Stud next to him.

Jason MacDonald vs Demian Maia
-Maia has looked like the real deal in his first two UFC fights. He's got crazy jiu-jitsu, but his stand-up is better than average.

-Maia coming out to some instrumental that sounds like it was written during the reign of Henry VIII. Wanderlei Silva is in his corner.

-MacDonald comes out to Metallica's version of "Turn the Page". Looking skinny.

-Huge ovation for MacDonald during introductions.

Round 1
MacDonald goes for an early clinch and takes Maia down. Maia holding arm and firing punches with other from bottom. Maia sinks in a triangle. Very deep. MacDonald working to get out. After 40 seconds MacDonald gets out. Quick scramble and MacDonald reverses and has Maia's back and has a rear naked choke. Maia slips him off and MacDonald lands in his full guard. MacDonald trying to pass, but eventually stands up then goes back down for a guillotine. It's deep. Maia somehow passes to side while in the guillotine. He's out and goes quickly to MacDonald's back. Great ground action so far. Maia is bleeding from an earlier punch. Maia now sinks in a rear naked choke. MacDonald refusing to tap as the first round ends.
Maia 10-9

Round 2
Big punch connects for Maia. MacDonald staggers and drives Maia into the cage. Maia pushes back and now MacDonald is up against cage. Still in the clinch and Maia trips MacDonald to the mat. Maia on top and quickly into full mount. His passes are so fluid. No one else in MMA passes like this guy. Maia throwing from the top. Heavy elbows landing. One of them opened MacDonald up on bridge of his nose. More strikes from the full mount. Maia looks tired. His punches from the top aren't doing a ton of damage. He should go back to elbows. MacDonald gets Maia off of him as the round ends. Actually he managed to get into Maia's full guard and throw a couple punches.
Maia 10-9

-In between rounds, MacDonald's corner pleading with him to keep the fight standing. Lots of F Bombs.

-Adrian Peterson is there and gets a huge ovation.

Round 3
Maia takes him right down. After a scramble MacDonald is in Maia's full guard. Rogan makes great point about submissions and escapes. The fighter who has the submission should get more credit from the judges because he was the one trying to kill the other guy. Maia into full mount again. He's out of gas and barely throwing anything significant. Has MacDonald's back now. Sinks in the rear naked choke and MacDonald taps.
Maia Wins via 3rd Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

-Good first fight. The ground battle even won over the fans, who usually hate it. Maia could be a player in the Middleweight Division. His jiu-jitsu will cause problems for any one he faces.

-Showing Fitch and St-Pierre in the back. Both look calm and ready.

-For some reason they're having the Florian/Huerta fight next.

Roger Huerta vs Kenny Florian
-Huerta coming out to some snappy Mexican song. Fans eating it up.

-Florian wearing a yellow and black jumpsuit like Bruce Lee.

-Florian has a 4 inch reach advantage.

Round 1
Huerta nice leg kick. Both feeling each other out. No one throwing yet. Florian shoots and takes Huerta down by the cage. He moves right to full mount. Huerta turns and Florian had his back and is flattening him out. Can't get the choke on. Huerta stands up and Florian lets go of the back. Both back on their feet sizing each other up. Huerta charges and hits Florian with a solid knee from the clinch. Florian backtracks into the cage as Huerta gives chase. Another clinch and Florian lands a knee. Stand-up action for the rest of the round. Florian lands a punch, Huerta follows it up and muscles him back. Round ends with both still being a little tentative.
Florian 10-9

Round 2
Right lands by Florian to start things. Huerta giving chase and getting hit. Wrestling by the cage for a bit then back on their feet and sizing each other up. Another wrestling tie-up and Florian gets on top. Huerta rolls over and Florian has his back again. Huerta quickly slips out. Very nice sweep by Florian, which he followed up with a right hand as Huerta got back up. Knee from Florian in the clinch. Huerta pushes forward and lands some uppercuts. Circling each other again. Huerta goes in and eats an elbow but responds with some punches that land.
Florian 10-9

Round 3
Great action to start the round. Florian lands a flying knee that staggers Huerta back, who then comes back with a flying knee of his own. Florian lands a punch and Huerta looks around then spits on the ground. Back to the fight and Huerta starting to land a lot more than previously. Florian moving away trying to stay out of trouble. Big front kick lands by Florian. Huerta still chasing and landing shots, but they aren't doing a whole lot of damage. Florian goes on the offensive and throws a good knee from the clinch. Fight ends with Florian landing.
Huerta 10-9
Florian Wins via Unanimous Decision

-After the fight Florian says he didn't want to get into a brawl with Huerta. Wanted to use his technique. Dedicates fight to Jorge Rivera, whose daughter recently passed away.

-Good fight. Florian definitely won. Wasn't even close to being a Fight of the Year candidate. Huerta just couldn't catch Florian enough. He kept moving away and even when Huerta landed a punch, Florian's body was moving in the opposite direction.

Rob Emerson vs Manny Gamburyan
-Emerson is sponsored by Condom Depot...Makes sense.

-Goldberg questions Gamburyan's 5'5 listing. Rogan sticks up for Gamburyan.

Round 1
OH MY GOD....Emerson won in 12 seconds. Manny came right at him and Emerson caught him with a right. Dropped him and momentum took Emerson down too. Emerson then threw two lefts that connected and the ref stepped in.
Emerson Wins via 1st Round KO

-I can't believe that just happened. Total lucky shot. Nine times out of ten that doesn't land. Now Emerson is gonna get another match and bore everyone to death as usual.

-They're replaying Kongo's knockout of Evensen.

-Thus far it's been a good card. The last two matches could go a long way to making it a great one. Kongo fight still on.

-Very funny post-fight interview with Kongo who sounds exactly like The Cookie Monster. Kongo kept saying he wanted a title fight to all the questions. Basically called Evensen a bum then walked away before Rogan was done. I love post-fight interviews. No one can compare to Larry Merchant, though. He's the master.

Heath Herring vs Brock Lesnar
-Lesnar coming out to "Shout at the Devil". Best entrance of the evening. He still has some pro wrestling left in him.

-Herring almost tops Lesnar with the theme from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" beginning his entrance, but then it went into some stupid song that sounded like the South Park guys did it. Had a ridiculous guitar solo at the end that went on forever.

-Lesnar looking huge. Gotta be 285 at least. Herring in great shape. Never seen him like this. Usually does his best Tim Sylvia impersonation with a line of flab around his stomach.

Round 1
Lesnar comes out with flying knee that misses. As they circle, Lesnar lands a huge right hand that knocks Herring to the ground and cut him open. Lesnar followed him to the ground and has a headlock on. Herring gets out, but Lesnar scores a big takedown. Working from the top throwing punches. There's an electric feeling to this. Rogan mentions Lesnar has specially made gloves because his hands are so big (XXXXL). Big knees to the side of Herring. We are seeing a very composed Lesnar so far. Totally in control. Leans on him and lands two more big knees to the side as the round ends
Lesnar 10-8

Round 2
Lesnar shoots, but Herring gets away from the takedown attempt. Leg kick by Lesnar. A tie-up and takedown by Lesnar. Throwing some punches to the body from the top. Lesnar into side control then into full mount, but Herring rolled over and gave up his back. Lesnar back in side control and lands five knees to the body that make the crowd say "AHHH" after each one. Fight back to feet and in the clinch. Lesnar lands 2 knees to the body. The second was very solid. Herring's body has gotta be demolished right now. He's taken twenty or so heavy knees. Round ends some knees to body by Herring and another Lesnar takedown.
Lesnar 10-9

Round 3
Heavy leg kick by Lesnar to start things. Good left jab hits Herring. They tie-up and Lesnar takes him down. More crushing knees to the body. Full mount for a second by Lesnar, but Herring rolls over. Some punches to the head land. Back to their feet and Herring landing a few shots. Lesnar takes him down, though. Round ends with more of the same, knees. As the time ran out Lesnar did a mock lasso motion to the crowd.
Lesnar 10-9
Lesnar Wins via Unanimous Decision (30-26 on all cards)

-After the fight Lesnar walked back to his corner and acted like he was swinging a lasso (again) in the air. Then he tossed it and pulled in Herring.

-Sable in attendance.

-Lesnar takes over post-fight interview and yells to crowd, "Can you see me now?!" Then makes a joke about riding Herring like a stallion. Ends the one-liner with a Ric Flair "Woooooo!".

-Herring is gonna feel like crap tomorrow. He got beat up pretty bad. Most of it was on the body, but his face was messed up from the first right that knocked him down to start the fight. I was impressed enough with Lesnar that I think it's safe to say he's gonna win the UFC title in the next 3 years. All that's missing is the jiu-jitsu and that just takes time. He doesn't have to be a Gracie or anything. He simply needs a working knowledge of countering submission attempts.

Jon Fitch vs Georges St-Pierre (Welterweight Champion)
-Fitch coming out to some Johnny Cash "Rusty Cage". Perfect entrance song for Fitch. He looks serious and confident. Doesn't seem like the moment has got to him at all.

-GSP coming to the Octagon to some French rap song. He's wearing a black robe and his traditional headband. Too bad, I was hoping he'd wear a Fabulous Rougeau outfit tonight.

-Joe Rogan kissing St-Pierre's butt before the fight. Talked about how he trains with wrestlers who are competing in the Olympics right now then made a sucking noise and Goldberg had to pull the finger out of his mouth.

-Fitch doing his trademark pre-fight pacing back and forth. He looks kinda nuts.

Round 1
GSP takes Fitch right down. Light punches to the body. Fitch doing great job of holding St-Pierre's arms. Solid elbow connects from the top. Back to the feet. Fitch misses a kick and GSP lands a heavy right that drops Fitch. St-Pierre jumps on top and throwing big punches. Landing a lot of them and Fitch is getting nailed. Ref watching closely. Fitch weathers the storm. No idea how he did it. GSP landed about twenty good punches during the exchange. Back to the feet and Fitch is wobbling back and forth. GSP teeing off and Fitch down again. He grabs a leg and GSP wrestles him down. More punches and elbows from the top.
St-Pierre 10-8

Round 2
Solid jab lands for GSP. Fitch throwing more this round. Looks better. Starting to land now. GSP coming back with solid jabs. Clinch and Fitch lands a knee to the body. A big right lands by Fitch. GSP is cut on his forehead. Not too bad. GSP not going for takedowns. Seems fine with standing with Fitch, but he's not winning the striking game so far. St-Pierre shoots and Fitch holds him off with a perfect sprawl. More punches landing for Fitch. GSP throwing kicks at the end of the round, but nothing landing fully.
Fitch 10-9

Round 3
Both throw and connect, but Fitch takes the bigger shot and goes down. GSP on top. Fitch reverses it and is now on top. Amazing. Fitch in full guard for a little. GSP reverses and is now on top. Back to feet. Good leg kick by St-Pierre. Another leg kick. Fitch's nose might be broken. It doesn't look too hot. Big right hand by GSP wobbles Fitch. He follows it with a head kick. Fitch goes down and GSP follows with more punches. Fitch is a warrior. GSP is hitting him with everything and he is taking it. Fitch gets back to feet and is shaky. Can't find his feet and gets hit with more punches. GSP takes him down as the round ends.
St-Pierre 10-9

Round 4
GSP is bleeding over his left eye. A right lands by St-Pierre. Fitch responds with a body kick. Great jabs all night by GSP. Landing more this round at will. Leg kick almost sweeps Fitch. Fitch throwing again and starting to lightly land. Fitch grabs a leg after tripping and drives GSP into the cage. Just holding him against the cage. Can't get GSP down. As soon as he lets go of the leg, GSP takes him down. Fitch throwing from bottom. GSP sorta just laying there. Maybe he's tired. This is the first time either have been in the fourth round. Round comes to a close with GSP on top maintaining position. Fitch looks like he has his head back and isn't seeing stars anymore.
St-Pierre 10-9

Round 5
Rogan sucking off GSP again as the round opens. Left hook by St-Pierre. Inside leg kick lands on Fitch. More jabs, GSP looking fresh. Spinning back fist knocks Fitch into the cage. Landed flush and Fitch smiles back at him. Follows it up with another takedown. Throwing body shots from the top. Fitch holding guard and not really looking for anything yet. Big punches from GSP. Nice elbow over the top connects above Fitch's right eye. Light punches to head. Fitch gets up, but GSP takes him right back down. Fitch might be out of gas. Fitch looking for a triangle. GSP stops it and moves his body out of harm's way. Fight ends how most of it was spent, with St-Pierre on top.
St-Pierre 10-9
St-Pierre Wins via Unanimous Decision (50-44, 50-43, 50-44)

-After the fight Fitch and GSP kneel in the center and give each other props. Those scores are ridiculous. Fitch won the second round and other than the first there was not a 10-8 round.

-Rogan asks GSP about the future, "I know BJ Penn want it. I'm ready to do it." Then BJ Penn comes into the ring and calls out St-Pierre. He asks if he's ready and GSP confirms that he will fight him. Not exactly as cool as the Fedor/Couture ending to Affliction, but still a good moment.

-GSP was his usual self all fight, except for the second round when he tried to stand with Fitch. BJ Penn has the best chance to beat him because he can partially defend his takedowns. I'd be shocked if we don't get St-Pierre/Penn II in December. Add that to Griffin vs Liddell/Evans and possible Shogun vs Rampage. Sounds like a classic fight card to me.

-I want to thank everyone who followed along tonight. This site is less than a month old and we are already bringing in huge numbers of MMA fans. Every day it gets bigger and I can't even believe it myself. Tonight we had more people on the site at the same time than ever before. I will do my best to repay that loyalty by updating the site multiple times a day and with the most interesting MMA stories I can find. And if any of you ever have a question or just want to talk MMA, send me an email.


becks538 said...

Has BJ ever said what happened in the second and third? He had it than stopped fighting. BJ gave it away.

chappyd said...

think he got tired. present day bj isnt the same as that one. he has better conditioning now.

david said...

i love that you posted the bruce lee pic, lol! creates a nice visual for those of us forced to read the thread rather then watch it live. NICE TOUCH!

Anonymous said...

Its flying by. They might have to show another fight from earlier.

chappyd said...

nice work. nothing else compares to these. ur gonna have carpal tunel by christmas.

joesyboy said...

Cheick Kongo looked superb. He will be back on the main card next time at a ppv.

becks538 said...

Bruce Lee, Cookie Monster, Larry Merchant, Sable, Fabulous Rougeaus!, did I miss any?

ppcell91 said...

Still dont know how Fitch didnt get knockout in that fight. St Pierre hit him with crazy stuff all night long.

chappyd said...

emerson won hahahahahahahahaha

ppcell91 said...

Cant wait to see someone knockout Lesnar. No class. You dont act like that after a fight.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, decent commentary.
My only comment on the GSP match is in response to your remark about Fitch winning the 2nd when "GSP tried to stand with him." Huh?
I dunno what fight you were watching, but GSP not only tried, but succeeded in the standup department. Most of his successful GNP attacks were set up by knocking Fitch down with strikes.
Li'l Fitch bias perhaps? :)
2nd was GSP's worst looking for sure, but he explained he was tired after trying to finish Fitch in the first.
Peace dude.