Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon News

  • MMAWeekly is reporting that a possible match-up between former UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk and Tyson Griffin is in the works.
  • Chuck Liddell's younger brother Dan will make his MMA debut on August 15. He weighs 290 lbs and is fighting some guy whose claim to fame is, "He once fought ButterBean!"
  • Randy Couture's "Becoming the Natural" has been knocked out of the top spot of Martial Arts books on Amazon by "Chi Running", which features a dude in Mark Hominick booty shorts on its cover.
  • Brock Lesnar talks about his favorite topic, Brock Lesnar. If he ever reads this site, he's gonna kill me.


chappyd said...

hominick probably visits this site daily to see if he's being mentioned. im on to ur traffic driving ways!

hundred dollar man said...

I have a conspiracy theory that the UFC is purposely keeping Tyson Griffin down because he beat Uriah Faber. They don't want him getting too much attention or else it will take some of the shine off Faber.

chappyd said...

i have a conspiracy theory that the ufc hates asian fighters.

becks538 said...

Is Dan Liddell the fat bald guy that is always in clips from the Pit? I always thought he looked like him. Never put it together.

artstudio1 said...

Dan Lidell seems real cool and humble like his brother Chuck. He's a big boy. I think Dan will do real good, especially by training with his brother and friends.