Sunday, August 10, 2008

UFC 87 "Seek and Destroy" News

  • Steve Cofield claims there was a "buzz" in the media room that Brock Lesnar will face Cheick Kongo next. In other news, there was a buzz in my pants a few minutes ago that turned out to be a fart.
  • Check out Jon Fitch's face after the fight. GSP looks like he's ready to go out to the discotheque or do whatever it is French-Canadians do for fun.
  • Georges St-Pierre and Jon Fitch earned a $60,000 bonus for Fight of the Night. Demian Maia and Rob Emerson (ugh) also earned $60,000 for Submission of the Night and Knockout of the Night. Kinda dumb to give the same bonus to those two after the war Fitch and GSP fought. Emerson was in the Octagon for seconds.

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domdi44 said...

fitch got f'd up!