Friday, August 15, 2008

Rear Naked Mail

I have been receiving some great emails lately and I wanted to get these answered on here before too many backed up. For those who have emailed me questions or comments, thank you very much. It is not easy starting a site from the ground level, but with dedicated readers like we have here it pushes me to post more because I see people coming to the site 5-10 times a day checking for updates. Even if you don't have a question, send me an email and tell me what you think of the site or the things you would like to see more of. Many of the best ideas come from the readers. All right, enough of that. Time for mail.

You talked up Demian Maia's ground skills a lot. Who are the other best jiu-jitsu guys in MMA? - Rob from Cape May, NJ

I do not view jiu-jitsu in a vacuum. To me you must consider it along with the other ground skills a fighter possesses. Maia's jiu-jitsu works in unison with his ground attacks and grappling moves and that makes him very difficult to deal with on the mat. I think the best at using ground strikes and submissions is Anderson Silva. Fighting him on the ground is probably worse than on your feet because you have to worry about being hit with a strike or getting choked out. Some other guys I consider top jiu-jitsu MMA fighters are BJ Penn, Nick Diaz, Frank Mir, and Antonio Nogueira (Minotauro). All of those fighters use their jiu-jitsu and strikes in combinations, which makes it almost impossible to deal with them on the ground. Another fighter who might make the leap into this category is Jake Shields.

Will Affliction add any more good fights to the October PPV? Tito maybe? - Armand from Bonita, CA

Unfortunately Affliction's second event looks a little weak. It could definitely use another intriguing match-up, but it is unlikely to happen. We are two months away and there is little chance Ortiz would be able to get into shape by then. The latest injury to Belfort could be a blessing in disguise if Jake Shields replaces him. EliteXC and Affliction working together is terrific news for MMA fans. It will serve both organizations well, if they can come to an agreement on how they would work together.

Is St-Pierre actually gonna take time off and push back the fight with BJ? Seems like he is hell bent on fighting in Montreal again and I think that is why he is saying he is tired now. - DFDon from Chandler, AZ

It is a nice conspiracy theory. He might just be tired, though. It is not only the fact he has fought so much this year, it is also the quality of opponents. He is a main event fighter and competing at that level is not easy. Most guys fight 2-3 times a year. Since August 2007, GSP has fought 4 times for a total of 12 rounds. That is a lot of work for fighter going up against the best competition in his weight class. I'd say it is probably a mixture of being tired and not wanting to fight in Vegas in December. He figures he can rest longer and eventually fight in Montreal, which is a win win for him. Even if he does hold out for a Montreal show, it should take place in early 2009.

I hate how everyone praises Randy Couture now. The UFC is not dicking him over in this. He retired! All he had to do is fight two more times and he could have been a free agent and signed to fight Fedor. He didn't want to fight because he went and filmed that piece of garbage movie only loser Couture fans will see. I hope he rots and never fights again. - Nick from Philadelphia

When I first read this it did not occur to me to include it in this post. Then I went back and realized he does bring up a valid point. Couture could have very easily finished out his contract and gone wherever he wanted. They would have been two tough fights (Nogueira and ???). I always thought he got bad advice from the beginning. His legal argument is sketchy and he is going up against a billion dollar company. Good luck with that one.

Anderson Silva vs Patrick Cote? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Wake me when it's over. He should be fighting at 205. Put him against any of them and its a crazy match. Cote isn't good. No way his wins get him a title shot. - psnoot3118 from Utica, NY

Silva claims he does not want to go for the Light Heavyweight Title because his good friend and training partner Lyoto Machida is a top contender at 205 lbs. This is some thing which separates MMA from boxing in a big way. In boxing top fighters do not train with other top fighters. It is more of a solitary training atmosphere between the fighter and trainer. In MMA top fighters almost always train with each other. It is the nature of the game and the best way to prepare. There are not enough talented MMA sparring partners at this point in time, so in order to get ready for a fight, you need to practice with other fighters. This could change in the future, if MMA continues to draw large numbers of new fighters each year. The thing you have to remember with the Cote match is Silva has already beaten all the top Middleweights. Cote may not have the pedigree of Dan Henderson or Rich Franklin, but he is a tough fighter who will not be afraid of Silva. Crazy things happen in this sport and it would not shock me if Cote landed a random punch that dropped Silva.

You said Kenny Florian was a smart fighter. Why is he gonna fight someone else before Penn? A loss and he isn't the #1 contender. - dachrach from Toronto

I kind of agree. Florian has done more than enough to warrant a shot at the Lightweight Title. The Penn/GSP fight is just too big to pass up, though. In a way it could work out better for Florian. If he takes another fight and wins, it will make him an even bigger threat. Plus if Penn wins, Florian could be facing the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time. That is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Do you think Georges St-Pierre would move to Middleweight later on in his career? His body could take the extra weight I think. It would give him more people to fight because the Welterweights all have lost to him already. Does the UFC not want him there maybe? - Dustin from Greensboro, NC

You have to remember GSP is only 27 years old. He has successfully defended the Welterweight Title once. Jon Fitch took him to a five round decision. Yes, he got pounded, but he still lasted five rounds and in my opinion that should get him a rematch down the line with GSP, if he is still the champion. There is also Thiago Alves, who with a win over Diego Sanchez becomes a title contender. Or how about Carlos Condit making the move to the UFC and locking up with GSP? Jake Shields has said he would like to fight him too. What I'm getting at is GSP still has work to do as a Welterweight. I think a move to Middleweight could happen later, but not in the near future. GSP supporters tend to exaggerate his success and make it seem like he has dominated the Welterweight Division for a decade. Lets see if he can hold the title for a year before we start thinking about a weight change.


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BJ wants to fight at welterweight because he is a load and wants to eat whatever he can get his hands on.

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this maia infatuation is getting pathetic. buy the guy some roses and get it over with.

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He could say the same thing about your love of Trigg.

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Trigg has herpes. Be careful!