Friday, August 29, 2008

Rampage's Attorney Speaks Out

We got our first glimpse of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's defense today, as his lawyer, Carol Lavacot, gave some brief excuses for his actions. The thing that jumped out to me is Juanito Ibarra is the first thing she mentioned. Obviously she did not name him, but we all know it is Ibarra who Jackson claims betrayed him. She went on to say that Jackson felt he needed to get to his friend's house during the chase or else he might die. She also offered this quote, "For those people that know Quinton, they know that he's a very kind, gentle giving person and he feels so badly about his actions. He takes full responsibility for what happened, but he was delusional during the ride down to his friend's house and really believed that it was a matter of life or death."

If I was the District Attorney, I would ask Jackson one simple question, "Mr. Jackson, following this episode, which you believe was caused by excessive energy drink consumption, have you ended your sponsorship of Throwdown energy drinks?"


dachrach said...

Is there any chance at all this case will be on tv? It would be hilarious to watch the judge's face when she makes her opening statement.

hundred dollar man said...

Doubt it. The best quotes should make it to the public and get laughs.