Friday, August 29, 2008

Who Is Rampage's Defense Attorney?

Carol Lavacot
Undergraduate Degree: Cal State Fullerton
Law Degree: Western State University
Practices: Criminal Law, DUI/DWI

Apparently Lavacot is a defense attorney in California. She must have peaked following law school, because Western State is not exactly a top tier legal facility. It's basically a place for people who bomb the LSATs and still won't give up their dream of representing famous fighters who run over pregnant women. Anyway, she is a former Public Defender and as you can see in the picture, is fond of wearing trendy tinted glasses. She was initially the defense attorney for the boy to her left, Omar Kahn. He was accused a couple months ago of hacking into his high school database and changing his grades, along with the grades of 12 others. He also broke into the school multiple times to steal tests and answer keys. Interesting, Lavacot gave a lame excuse for Kahn's actions as she did for Rampage's, saying Kahn is "a really nice kid; he's only 18 years old." She only lasted a month as Kahn's lawyer before she was replaced by high-profile defense attorney Mark Geragos, who is most known for defending Scott Peterson, Winona Ryder, and Michael Jackson.

After reviewing Lavacot's history, I do not feel too good about Rampage's chances. Again, California is known for going easy on celebrities, especially for driving incidents. However, those past cases usually involve misdemeanors at most. Rampage faces two felonies and his only defense is he drank a lot of energy drinks. Too bad Johnnie Cochran is dead. This case would have been perfect for him.


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Kind of a hotter Linda Tripp.

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Thats not sayin much