Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rampage's Arraignment Postponed

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's first court date was supposed to be August 15, however, the Orange Country District Attorney has postponed the arraignment because the case is still under investigation. The spokesperson for the District Attorney's office claimed the case was still under investigation because new evidence was found. She did not provide any details about the new evidence or give a possible date for when the arraignment will take place.

Jackson appeared for the first time in public last week during the promotional lead-up to UFC 87. The UFC even featured him in some events and did not try to keep the former Light Heavyweight Champion out of the spotlight. I speculated in this article that they featured him because they intend to schedule his next fight in the coming weeks. It remains to be seen how the charges will affect Jackson's status as a fighter. If he is charged for second degree fetal homicide, it is possible the long court case could impair his ability to adequately train for a future fight.

The Orange County District Attorney has not stated which charges Jackson will face, but did say it is possible he could face more charges than previously thought. In my opinion the reality of this situation is the District Attorney is trying to determine whether they can prove Jackson is to blame for the miscarriage of Holli Griggs, whose vehicle was struck by Jackson's truck on July 15. A case like that is difficult to prepare and takes extra time. It would also fit in line with the District Attorney's stated reason, "new evidence" because Griggs' miscarriage occurred only two weeks ago.


becks538 said...

He deserves to go to jail for what he did. I hope the judge laughs in his face when he blames it on energy drinks.

rmm1605 said...

I dont see what the big deal is. All he did was crash his giant truck into a pregnant woman and kill her baby.

becks538 said...

Wait did ask Frank Trigg about this?

Frank have you ever drove your truck into a pregnant woman and killed her baby?

dompeter said...

Frank: No but I have had a miscarriage before.