Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ramble On Rampage

I have seen this video mentioned a couple times on other sites, but no one gave it the time I believe it deserves. It is 31 minutes of pure insanity. Rampage explains what happened on the day of the incident. He goes into detail about what moral and philosophical questions were going through his mind. It is fascinating to watch. Here are the highlights.

-Believes people in the Bible lived to be over 900 years old. They achieved such a ridiculous age by willing themselves to live. The reason we die at an early age is because we stop willing ourselves to live and instead will ourselves to die. He was afraid if he slept, he would will himself to die.
-----Out of all his wacky statements, this one shocks me the most.

-Was not drinking energy drinks the entire time. He started drinking them days into the ordeal because he became afraid to sleep.

-On the day of the incident, he was concerned for his friend's safety. Earlier Rampage loaned him a copy of "The Secret". He was afraid his friend would not watch it till the end and the message would lead him to die, rather than towards salvation (The whole will yourself to live instead of will yourself to die thing). This led to him getting into his truck and driving recklessly through the streets (and sidewalks) of Newport Beach. He wanted to get there as quickly as possible, watch the DVD with him, and preach about its message.
-----Could you imagine if you became friends with Rampage. Then one day at the gym he lends you a copy of "The Secret". A week later he storms into your house saying, "You gotta watch The Secret with me! All the way to the end too!! And, I'm gonna preach to you through the whole movie!!!" I wish my friends were that exciting.

-"Now I think back. Why I just didn't call him and say, Listen, watch the DVD. Choose life."
-----Funniest line of the interview and possibly in the history of MMA.

-Does not recall much of the ride over to his friend's house. Did mention a lady who he almost ran over and that he was on the phone with his friend most of the time. Claims he never noticed the police chasing him until he arrived at this friend's house and got out of his truck.
-----This is the most suspect part of his defense. He remembers just about every thing except all the crimes he committed.

-He alleges quite a bit of police abuse. Initially he was cuffed with his hands behind him and put into the back of the police car. Once inside, the cops put on the heat and kept speeding up and slowing down abruptly, so he would ram into the divider. He was preaching to the officers about God while in the car, at the hospital, and at the police station. Claims he repeatedly asked them to cuff his hands in front of him, so he could sit more comfortably in the car, but they refused because he was a fighter and he might hurt them. Went to several hospitals to lower his blood pressure, but was turned away due to the publicity of the situation. At the final hospital, he walked in with his pants down below his knees and the cops would not pull them up.
-----I'm gonna take this point by point.

1. Cops put the heat on and kept speeding up and stopping abruptly.

-I can't see cops driving around that area in July with the heat on for any significant amount of time. Rampage never says how long the heat was on for. My guess is it might have gone on for a brief moment, but there is no way it was on for that long, in fact it probably never even went on. I'm pretty sure the speeding up and slowing down routine is mandatory for all arrests. Chances of any of this being proven in court...ZERO.

2. Cops kept him cuffed behind his back for up to 13 hours while they went to each hospital and eventually back to the station.
-Look at this from the cops' perspective. They chase a suspect and apprehend him. The suspect is a well known fighter who is preaching about God, sweating profusely, and at times crying. Would you switch the cuffs to the front? As a cop, they must assume the worst in order to remain safe. I see no abuse in keeping him cuffed behind his back the entire time.

3. His pants were pulled down below his knees when he walked into the final hospital.
-He does not go into enough detail for me to understand this fully. Did the cops pull his pants down? Did they fall down on their own? Did they simply refuse to pull them up once they fell down on their own? It is not possible to make a judgment on this point until those questions are answered. Hospitals have surveillance cameras and if he wants to pursue this, we will see the tape in court.

I do not think Rampage is a dishonest person. In some way I do believe he was delusional. However, I hardly believe any of his excuses and accusations of police abuse. The biggest problem I have with his story is how he remembers every thing other than when he committed multiple crimes. For any one who has ever been in a minor automobile accident, it is blatantly obvious when you hit another vehicle or it hits you. For him not to remember any of the collisions or the police chasing him, is suspect to say the least.

The other thing which strikes me as odd is why his lawyers let him give this interview. It will certainly be used against him in court. Did they think if he explained things people would feel compassion for him? To me it is not worth the legal risk to open up like this in an interview. It gives the prosecution more ammo to use against you, and in the end it does not make me feel any compassion for him. He ignored basic traffic laws and put his life and the lives of others in danger. There is not any hard luck story that will change those facts.


fedoratemyfamily said...

The part about how he shoulda called his friend is hysterical. He talks forever once he gets going. Be a good priest.

Fedor rear naked choked my daughter to death!

fabianawr said...

I thought he answered all the questions with honesty and the best he knew how. It is easy to judge him without ever walking in his shoes.

lionit said...

Honesty? Yaaaaaa, suuuuure.

Anonymous said...

The criminal case won't make a big change in things. He will still get sued by the pregnant lady and go broke.