Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quinton Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva at UFC 91

MMABay, a UK based site, is reporting Quinton "Rampage" Jackson will face Wanderlei Silva at UFC 91. I have little idea if MMABay is reliable or not, but it is not the first time I have heard this rumor. When the news of this first started going around a source of mine said the only sticking point is if Rampage is charged with the miscarriage.

On Wednesday, I posted this article detailing the campaign of Wanderlei Silva to get this fight booked. It appears his constant effort has worked and he will get a chance to defeat Rampage for a third time. Jackson is a better fighter than he was in their two previous meetings, however, you have to wonder how his recent troubles will affect him. Even if you do believe the "Energy Drink Defense", he also fired his trainer Juanito Ibarra, who helped resurrect his career.

This match makes sense with the UFC's overall plan for the Light Heavyweight Division. The winner of Jackson/Silva would become the likely challenger to whoever comes out on top of Liddell/Evans vs Griffin. The possibilities of that match could lead to three different rematches - Liddell vs Silva, Liddell vs Jackson, or Griffin vs Jackson. Any of those would draw big PPV numbers, especially if Liddell is involved.


petecoo said...

Rampage likes acting like a dog. Even a dog would not go after Silva again after taking that punishment.

lionit said...

Silva by knees to the jaw. It was nice knowin you Quinton

SkeletonKey said...

Wandy better shave his head up for this one! Considering his old Pride days and his most recent annihilation, growing that monkey-head doo just doesn't get the pitbull outta him like we used to love.

Watching him hold Jardine's throat with one hand and belt him once or twice with the other when he was in full mount really brought back memories. Hope to see more of the same at UFC 91!

Axe Murderer vs. Fetus Killer.
Should be a great fight again.