Saturday, August 16, 2008

Other Sites Taking Without Giving Credit

A bunch of readers emailed me to tell me about other sites posting this video and not mentioning I had it first. It's about as I'd expect. The reason I started a site was because I was tired of reading sites that were afraid to tell the truth. They are afraid to say what they feel about fighters because it might upset them and they won't grant interviews (as if fighter interviews are ever interesting). They are afraid to post what they really want because it might upset advertisers. They are afraid of other sites and refuse to post their exclusive content.

So it does not surprise me other sites would take some thing from here and not give the site any credit. That is how the game is played between MMA sites. Giving the fans the best news is not the first priority. It is all about getting the most visitors and capitalizing on ads and sponsors.

I know others are tired of it too, because every day more readers show up here and keep coming back.


chappyd said...


lionit said...

Keep doing what your doing. We can see the difference.

dachrach said...

I sent an email to one of the sites and the guy tried to blame it on someone else. I'm done reading that site. For all I know they probably do this all the time. Bloody Elbow, for anyone wondering.

lionit said...

That dude was crying like a week ago because another site had a quote of a day and he claimed he had a quote of the day feature first.

dachrach said...

Quote of the day? That's been around since the first personal pages when the internet started.

It is hard to know what a good website is until you see one. Yahoo was great until Google started and made us realize how much Yahoo sucked.

Kid said...

Hey Dachrach,
I saw the vid on 5oz and posted it with a HT on BE. I had never heard of your site until Luke told me there was some whining and bitching coming from this direction. If I had seen the video on your site and not credited it, that would be one thing, but I hadn't seen your site nor did I find the video there.
Quit whining and keep posting.

dachrach said...

You're the one whining because you didn't do your job and find the source. 5oz even had a link to it, so all you had to do was click on it to see where this thing came from.

All I did was call you on it and you got all pissed at me like I screwed up.

fedoratemyfamily said...

Pretty weak stuff, kid. If you take a video from digg some dude posted and put it on your webpage, you don't credit digg with the link. You credit the webpage it came from. From what I have heard Yardbarker gave the video to Rear. 5oz saw it on some dude's webpage, who got it from Rear and had a link to it. 5oz posted it. You saw it on 5oz. Why did you link to 5oz and not the dude's webpage where 5oz got it from?

Fedor's farts smell like my daughter's shampoo!