Friday, August 22, 2008

KJ Noons vs Nick Diaz Officially Off

MMARated is reporting the proposed bout between KJ Noons and Nick Diaz on October 4, has officially been scrapped. Too bad for EliteXC. The match would have been a welcomed addition to the CBS card, which as of now looks weak. They also are reporting Diaz will return to action at the Showtime event on November 8.

Most will blame Noons' manager Mark Dion for this mess. He deserves a portion of your anger, but so does EliteXC. They have trouble booking fights and it is a big reason why their company is falling apart. You simply have to find a way to book a fight like this. Instead EliteXC bumbled around and let Dion control the situation. I hope they strip Noons of the title and let Diaz fight some one for it. He has worked hard and should be rewarded by the company.


chappyd said...

i dont care if it doesnt make sense for noons. he needs to fight him again. fans thought he was a pretty boy before this now they will more.

hundred dollar man said...

Diaz got cut and Noons won. Sure he was the guy who cut him. Still gotta take a rematch. The only people who don't want it to happen are Noons and his manager. Agents are worse than sanctioning bodies.