Thursday, August 28, 2008

KJ Noons Issues a Statement

Here is his lengthy statement about why he feels slighted by EliteXC. The statement is filled with examples of EliteXC not treating him like the god he sees himself as.

In the Elite XC's DVD where Diaz and I fought there are two (2) baseball cards of Diaz and Kimbo. Hello! I won the fight and Elite XC's promoting Diaz after I beat him?

-Many fans had questions following the fight with Diaz. Noons won, but it was not the type of victory which could propel him into the mainstream. Most people I talked to felt like Diaz's scar tissue was the reason Noons won the fight.

Elite XC has never promoted me on either of their websites, EliteXC or Pro-Elite.

-People actually go to these sites?

Elite XC offered me a fight on the first CBS show, but only if I signed a new long-term contract. Instead of promoting their best fighters on CBS, you have to be on a long term contract for them to promote you. That was not our deal.

-Welcome to big time MMA, KJ. Why would a major organization go out of their way to promote a fighter who may not be around in a year? He better get used to it or look for a new profession.

In almost two years I have made approximately $83,000. After paying my trainers and managers fee, I have $50,000 thousand. After taxes, probably 30 grand. Divide that by two years for $15,000 thousand a year. Divide by 52 weeks that amounts to approximately $300 a week. I do not know anybody that can survive on that amount of money.

-I do not believe these numbers. The $33,000 he claims to have paid his trainers and manager seems high to me. I think he is exagerrating it. He also never mentions any money he received from sponsors. The reason he even has sponsor money is because he fights for a major MMA promotion and they gave him a title shot. The other thing I wanted to say is....WAAAAAAH!

Diaz is not the number one contender and they are paying Diaz three times more money than me. Diaz complained after the Stockton fight, he was not paid enough. How do you think that made me feel? Yes you can argue that Diaz gets more for the draw, therefore I do not deserve as much compensation. If that is the case, it is a result of Elite XC terrible job promoting me. Instead of promoting me as their champ and upcoming athlete, Elite XC has resented me for ruining their plans to make Diaz their champ. That is just total disrespect. So it comes down to money and what is fair.

-Just because you beat some one (because of a cut), it does not mean you instantly get paid more than them. I do not see his case at all. EliteXC offered him a fight on a CBS card with Kimbo headlining it. There is no bigger stage than that in MMA. Noons turned it down because he is a whiney little girl and does not want to fight some one who gets paid more than him. Fighters have to hustle, even the mildly famous. Noons should be blaming his manager for not getting him enough coverage with the media. I get emails every day from managers asking me to write more about their fighters. Many fighters also contact me and try to find ways to get their name out. Even a big time fighter like Wanderlei Silva is pounding the pavement doing internet radio shows. Stop blaming EliteXC and start questioning your manager, who is apparently making a huge amount of money off of you.

I am right when I say Diaz is not the number one contender. Elite XC is trying to force this fight for their ratings. Eddie Alaverez is the number one contender and anybody with half a brain knows that a fight with Eddie is a way harder fight for me than Diaz. I will fight Diaz, but Elite has to be fair. I'm not ducking Diaz, why the hell would I be scared of someone I already beat.

-Why would EliteXC want to put on a fight between Noons and Alvarez? He is not a draw, let alone a name casual fans know. The fans want to see a rematch with Diaz. EliteXC is smart enough to know that (finally), but now Noons is being a brat. You cannot blame them for not promoting you when they offer a fight every one wants to see on a card which will draw millions.

When I think about it, it has been good promotion for their October card since nobody is talking about it until you bring up the Noons vs. Diaz match up.

-Yes, no one cares about Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock. It is all about you, KJ.


hundred dollar man said...

No way he has made 15k a year. If that is true he should fire his handlers on the spot right now without hesitation.

celcha said...

EliteXC will promote him after reading this!