Thursday, August 21, 2008

KJ Noons Is Getting Bad Advice

The KJ Noons saga continues to play on for EliteXC, as the Lightweight Champion still will not agree to fight Nick Diaz. MMAJunkie has some great quotes from Noons' manager, Mark Dion. He basically thinks Noons has nothing to gain from fighting Diaz and wants a different opponent. Dion's argument is the fight benefits EliteXC and Diaz more than his client. While there is truth to it, I do not totally agree. Noons is a great fighter, but he is not a top draw yet. He also has not fought the best crop of opponents, either. He needs a non-controversial win over Diaz to convince a lot of fans he is for real.

This whole situation amazes me. EliteXC dropped the ball when they refused to promote the fight with the post-fight brawl footage. Now Noons' manager is acting like he is representing Tiger Woods. Maybe this is a play to get Noons out of EliteXC as soon as possible without any losses. No matter what you think of Noons' manager, he is not an idiot. The future of EliteXC is in doubt and if it folds, Noons will be at the negotiating table with a major MMA organization. His position is much stronger if he does not have a loss to Diaz on his record.

This situation brings up an interesting question. Is it better for a fighter to take on the best competition or the biggest draw? From a pure sporting standpoint, you would say an athlete should always compete against the best competition. Some times these two meet and the biggest draw is the best competition. This is not one of those cases. Eddie Alvarez, who Dion mentioned as a better opponent, is no where near the draw of Diaz. EliteXC is hanging on by their teeth. Promoting a fight between a young champion and a guy most casual MMA fans have never heard of is a disaster waiting to happen. They need to find a way to get Noons into the cage with Diaz, or strip him of the title. Simple as that.


dachrach said...

His manager has a chip on his shoulder. Noons needs to step in and get the fight going.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand pretty boy Noons. Hope whatever hand picked fighter he faces knocks his head off.

chappyd said...

welcome to rear naked news. all elitexc all the time.