Thursday, August 7, 2008

Joe Lauzon Calls Out TapOut

Last night on TapOut the three idiots went to see Joe Lauzon's younger brother Dan, who also happens to be the youngest fighter ever to compete in the UFC. The show followed the usual pattern until Mask started bashing Dan's training. Later they took Dan to Mark DellaGrotte's camp Sityodtong to watch how he does things. The implication was clear that Mask wanted Dan to train with DellaGrotte. What made the trip to Sityodtong strange was Kenny Florian was training there to fight Dan's older brother Joe. You could see it on Dan's face that he did not want to be there under those circumstances. However, the MMA training expert Mask insisted he was right to bring him there.

First off, TapOut is stupid. The only reason I watched was because I heard Dan Lauzon was going to be on and I wanted to see if the hype about him was true (he looked unsure of himself most of the episode and I left unimpressed). Those guys are the last people a fighter should be taking training advice from. Their reasoning for bashing Dan's training also was suspect. Mask claimed Dan was not learning anything from training with guys who were not equally or more talented than him. The thing he forgot to mention was that Dan was a week away from a fight. Fighters are not sparring with top talent the week before fights. They are doing light workouts and letting their bodies get healthy.

Joe Lauzon decided he had some thing to say to the TapOut crew and posted this on his website today. He sums things up nicely.
My Brother was on a recent episode of the Tapout show... and the whole thing came off terribly.

Training Hard on Tuesday when the fight is Friday? Terrible idea. The Tapout crew showed up on Monday when the fight was on Friday. What kind of training footage did they really expect to get? They wanted shark baits with fresh guys 4 days before the fight? Are they nuts? I love how they act like the authority on training and fighting when they would even suggest this. We do shark baits like this... when its not 4 days before the fight. Had they come the week before, you would have seen plenty of that. You would have seen one fresh guy after another rotating on Dan to work on his cardio and conditioning.

Going to Sityodtong was never something we wanted to do. Dan didnt want to go, but they pushed the issue and Dan finally caved to make them happy. They were not doing anything different than what we do... but we arent training like that the week of the fight. Mask offers his words of wisdom with "I like how he changes levels" like we have never seen someone shoot a double before. I am not sure who Mask thought he was talking to, but you dont get into the UFC when you have never seen a wrestler. Dan didnt really want to be there because I was fighting Kenny a few months later, and I am sure they felt the same way. There has been a lot of tension between the camps for some time and its definitely healthy competition more so than actually dislike... but its weird for everyone involved when that happens.

They did a horrible job of cutting up audio and chopping it into their own little story. They take bits of pieces of what everyone says, twist it out of context and then splice in clips of Dan saying "yea... yup... okay" to make it all seem the way they want to portray it.

Dan was training with Guido, the 15 year, old a few days before the fight. Now does Guido really offer any bit of a challenge? Absolutely not. However, Dan was there to sweat out and lose weight and just move around. It didnt matter who he was working out with and Guido loves the beatings so Dan was rolling around with him. But obviously, they make it seem like Guido is Dans primary training partner.

The whole "I am so sad my corners are going to be late" angle was pretty hypocritical as well. Dans corners were not going to be there right when the show started, but they were there in plenty of time to get him prepared for his fight. This was Dans 11th fight and he had the other guys from the gym there with him. He wasnt sitting alone in a corner somewhere, but thank god he didnt sit down for a moment without other people in the show or I am sure Tapout would have shown Dan sitting all alone as they played some sad and depressing music.

They made the gyms, the trainers and the training partners all look like garbage. I started at this gym and have done well training out of there... and Dan has too along with a bunch of other guys. We are doing pretty good for a small gym and didnt need to be shit on like that.

Was it good TV? Maybe for some. Was it a load of bullshit? Absolutely.


calc39 said...

Its good they help fighters tryin to make it. Thats about the only thinf.

chappyd said...

it was funny qhen jesse taylor came into the meeting wearing tapout gear head to toe than got kicked out of the ufc.

hundred dollar man said...

Tapout is for young MMA fans. I'm shocked you even watched.

lionit said...

I've never seen a Tap Out shirt I liked. To much going on with them.

Mick said...

I assume I am not the only one whom thinks this show is terrible. a big advertisment for some crappy clothing line. I have never seen one of their shirts in the world, only on TV?