Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jim Miller Set to Debut at UFC 89

A couple weeks ago I did a Mailbag and one of the questions asked me to name an underrated fighter who will become a champion in the next three years. My answers were Michael Bisping and Jim Miller. Now you will get to see both in action at UFC 89 in Birmingham, England on October 18. Jim Miller, of the now defunct IFL, has agreed to fight David Baron in a lightweight bout. Baron also is a good prospect, so this should be an exciting fight.

UFC 89 began with a whimper when the main event of Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben was announced. Since then the UFC has added a series of solid matches. It will not be the flashiest event of the year, but it should produce some wars.

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redsock said...

I saw a couple Miller fights. He is right. This guy can become a title holder if he works hard enough. All the skills are there.