Friday, August 15, 2008

Jake Shields Could Replace Vitor Belfort

Rumors are swirling that Jake Shields, the EliteXC Welterweight Champion, will fill in for injured Vitor Belfort and face Matt Lindland at Affliction "Day of Reckoning". Shields usually fights at 170 lbs, but a potential match-up with Lindland would be at 185 lbs. Earlier this week Shields told MMAWeekly he was in negotiations to fight at 185 lbs for an organization other than EliteXC. This would fit into the time line perfectly, because Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio claims he was notified of Belfort's injury on Tuesday.

A potential fight between Lindland and Shields is arguably bigger than the original with Belfort. Shields is considered one of the top young fighters in the sport. For Affliction it would be a major addition to an event that was beginning to look less than spectacular. Shields may not have the name recognition of Tito Ortiz, but he is a much better fighter who could draw the interest of the diehard MMA fans.


becks538 said...

Do you think this could lead to EliteXC and Affliction working together and sharing fighters on a larger scale? That would help both.

chappyd said...

im not sure affliction would go for a ppv that both organizations were partners in. not much to gain from having elitexc there other than their fighters. its not like kimbo is gonna be a challenger to fedor, arlovski, barnett. shamrock would get killed against most. silva might put up a fight than get killed. diaz and noons could hold their own.

hundred dollar man said...

Shields is dying to get out of XC. He will fight anyone.